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La nutrition chez la mère, le nourrisson et le jeune enfant : plan d’application : rapport du Secrétariat
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 64 ( 2011 )
Procès-verbal de la dixième séance, Siège de l’OMS, Genève, Lundi 24 février 1969, à 9 heures
Conseil exécutif, 43 ( 1969 )
Technical discussions (Resolution)
Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, 003 ( 1952 )
الدورات القادمة للمجلس التنفيذي وجمعية الصحة : تقرير من الأمانة
المجلس التنفيذي, 116 ( 2005 )
تدريب الاساتذة من المهنيين الصحيين: تناول احتياجات الاقليم باسلوب متطور
( 1973 )
Primary and acquired drug resistance in childhood tuberculosis
( 2006 )

This study determined the resistance pattern of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to 4 first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs in children with pulmonary tuberculosis at the Iranian National Research Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases from 1999 to 2004. There were 350 children with positive cultures over the study period: 7 [2%] were resistant to at least one of the 4 anti-tuberculosis drugs. Primary resistance was detected in 4 cases and secondary resistance in 3 cases. Most cases [6] were among Afghan refugees. Resistance to rifampicin both in primary and secondary resistances was high, showing that children in the Islamic Republic of Iran face the threat of drug-resistant tuberculosis transmission

European strategy for child and adolescent health and development : from resolution to action 2005-2008
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2008 )
世界卫生组织烟草控制框架公约,政府间谈判机构,第一次会议 ( 2000 )
Needs of basic requirements for clinical evaluation of drugs and international exchange of information on their value and safety: amendment proposed by the Delegation of Austria to the resolution contained in Document A15/P&B/WP/17
World Health Assembly, 15 ( 1962 )
Message from, Dr Hussein A. Gezairy, Regional Director, WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region, to intercountry meeting on the progress of member states of the Eastern Mediterranean Region towards implementation of the international health regulations 2005 and assessment of needs, Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic, 24-27 November 2008
( 2008 )