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RC60_news_2013_FR_15055.pdf.jpg2013Regional Committee Bulletin: Pre-Regional Committee technical meetings - 27 October 2013World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/MAC/018/E
Speech_HER_ROYAL_HIGHNESS_PRINCESS_MUNA_ALHUSSEIN_Tunisia_RC60_FR_15143.pdf.jpg2013Address by her royal highness princess Muna Al-Hussein to the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean, Muscat, Oman, 27 October 2013World Health Organization-
em_rc12_5_en.pdf.jpg1962Epidemiological approach to tuberculosis control in the communityWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC12/5; Agenda item 10 [b]
RC_Techn_paper_2013_inf_doc_4_14985_FR.pdf.jpg2013تقرير مرحلي حول تقوية النظم الصحية: التحديات والأولويات وخيارات العمل في المستقبلWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC60/INF.DOC.4; Provisional agenda item 3 (d)
em_rc12_b_min_2_en.pdf.jpg1962Minutes of the second meeting, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Thursday, 20 September 1962World Health OrganizationEM/RC12B/Min.2
em_rc12_b_tech_disc_min_1_en.pdf.jpg1962Minutes on the technical discussions, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Friday, 21 September 1962World Health OrganizationEM/RC12B/Tech.Disc./Min.1
RC_Techn_paper_2013_7_15036_FR.pdf.jpg2013Health in the post-2015 development agenda, draft paper for WHO regional committees, 2013World Health OrganizationEM/RC60/7; Provisional agenda item 6 (d)
RC_Techn_paper_2013_inf_doc_9_15000_FR.pdf.jpg2013Rapport de la première réunion du Comité consultatif technique auprès du Directeur régional, Le Caire [Egypte], 15-17 avril 2013World Health OrganizationEM/RC60/INF.DOC.9; Provisional agenda item 9
RC_Techn_paper_2013_inf_doc_11_15009_FR.pdf.jpg2013Award of the State of Kuwait Prize for the Control of Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes in the Eastern Mediterranean RegionWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC60/INF.DOC.11; Provisional agenda item 10 (b)
RC_Techn_paper_2013_3_15021_FR.pdf.jpg2013Saving the lives of mothers and childrenWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC60/3; Provisional agenda item 5 (a)

Results 84111-84120 of 117582.