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Place of the IX meeting of the Directing Council
( 1955 )
Pharmaceutical situation assessment – level II: health facilities survey: Syrian Arab Republic
( 2012 )

The study Pharmaceutical situation assessment – Level II: health facilities survey was conducted in June 2009 by the Ministry of Health of the Syrian Arab Republic to assess the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical sector in terms of ease of access to medicines and the quality of existing medicines in public health facilities, private pharmacies and in warehouses supplying the public sector. It also assessed the proper usage of medicines. The main goal of the study was to document the degree of success in achieving national strategic pharmaceutical objectives. The results of the study will support the Ministry of Health in policy analysis and the design of appropriate interventions to develop and improve the performance of the pharmaceutical sector in order to provide safe and effective medication for each of its citizens

Gender and road traffic injuries
World Health Organization. Dept. of Gender and Women's Health ( 2002 )
Prévalence de l' émaciation d' origine nutritionnelle : construction de modèles explicatifs à partir de données secondaires / Isabel D. Fernandez, John H. Times et Mercedes de Onis
Fernandez, Isabel D; Himes, John H; De Onis, Mercedes ( 2002 )
Report on the proposed programme and budget estimates for 1961
Executive Board, 25 ( 1960 )
منظمة الصحة العالمية : الميزانية البرمجية المقترحة ۲۰۰٤- ۲۰۰٥
المجلس التنفيذي, 111 ( 2003 )
Final report
( 2014-10-30 )
Решения и список резолюций
Исполнительный комитет, 111 сессия ( 2003 )
Effectif et repartition du personnel
Conseil exécutif, 7 ( 1951 )
Committee on Administration, Finance and Legal Matters: second report of the Committee on Administration, Finance and Legal Matters to the Committee on Programme and Budget
World Health Assembly, 7 ( 1954 )