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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
em_rc37_13_en.pdf.jpg1990Technical cooperation among developing countries-TCDCWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC37/13; Agenda item 15
em_rc37_12_en.pdf.jpg1990Nomination of a member state to the policy and coordination committee-PCC of the special programme of research, development, and research training in human reproduction-HRPWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC37/12; Agenda item 14
em_rc37_7_b_ar.pdf.jpg1990متلازمة العوز المناعي المكتسب-الايدز: ترشيح دولة عضو لعضوية اللجنة الادارية التابعة للبرنامج العالمي للايدزWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC37/7 [b]; Agenda item 9 [b]
em_rc37_11_corr_1_en.pdf.jpg1990Malaria situation in the EMR global and regional approaches and future outlookWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC37/11 Corr.1; Agenda item 12 [b]
em_rc36_11_ar.pdf.jpg1989تقرير عن البرنامج الاقليمي للاستعداد للطوارئWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/11; Agenda item 13
em_rc36_Tech_Disc_1_ar.pdf.jpg1989المناقشات التقنية: انماط الحياة الصحيةWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/Tech.Disc.1; Agenda item 18
em_rc36_12_en.pdf.jpg1989Monitoring progress in the implementation of health for all strategies: report on a study to identify regional targetsWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/12; Agenda item 14
em_rc36_6_ar.pdf.jpg1989تقرير عن البعثات المشتركة بين الحكومات والمنظمة لمراجعة البرامج، 1989World Health OrganizationEM/RC36/6; Agenda item 8
em_rc36_19_en.pdf.jpg1989Interim report on leadership development programme in international healthWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC36/19; Agenda item 22 [b]
em_rc11_16_en.pdf.jpg1961Rural areas and mental healthWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC11/16; Agenda item 12 [e]

Results 84091-84100 of 144305.