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Предложение о создании оборотного фонда для приобретения учебного и лабораторного оборудования для целей медицинского образования
Исполнительный комитет, 36 сессия ( 1965 )
Demande d'admission à des relations officielles avec l'OMS présentée par une organisation non gouvernementale internationale: Fédération internationale de Coopération des Centres de Recherche sur les Systèmes et Services de Santé (FICOSSER)
Conseil exécutif, 97 ( 1995 )
Capacity-building on leadership for health promotion: Bangkok, Thailand, 12–15 August 2014
World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia ( 2015-01 )

This is the first workshop of the Leadership for Health Promotion in WHO-SEARO which was adapted from the ProLEAD developed by WHO-WPRO. The workshop provided fundamental knowledge and practice on health promotion and leadership needed to accelerate implementation of health promotion commitments from the Ottawa Charter to the Helsinki. The report captures activities and key information that participants from 6 countries were actively involved and shared. Twenty-three participants from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, and Thailand gained new insights on health promotion infrastructures, sustainable financial mechanism, advocacy skills, strategic communication, collaborative leaderships, and experienced the real-life scenarios of how important to have sustainable health promotion fund or foundation. Visit to Thai Health Promotion Foundation's Learning Centre was eyes opening and inspiration for participants to take their leadership roles in the country for health and development. The five-day workshop was successfully build commitments and intersectoral and cross-country relationships among participants.

Global strategy for AIDS prevention and control: schedule for decentralization
Executive Board, 86 ( 1990 )
Quality control of pharmaceutical preparations: report by the Director-General
World Health Assembly, 20 ( 1967 )
Joint WHO/FAO Expert Group on Zoonoses : bovine tuberculosis, Q fever, anthrax, psittacosis, hydatidosis, report on the first session, Geneva, 11-16 December 1950
Joint WHO/FAO Expert Group on Zoonoses; World Health Organization; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( 1951 )
Prochaines études organiques
Conseil exécutif, 17 ( 1956 )
Committee on International Quarantine: eleventh report
Executive Board, 31 ( 1963 )
Alimentation infantile et VIH : outils pour le conseil : guide de référence
World Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development ( 2006 )
Prevenci'on de la mortalidad y la morbilidad perinatales : informe de un Comité de Expertos de la OMS [se reuni'o en Ginebra del 25 de noviembre al 2 de diciembre de 1969]
WHO Expert Committee on the Prevention of Perinatal Mortality and Morbidity; World Health Organization ( 1970 )