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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
em_RC47_inf_doc_2_en.pdf.jpg2000Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-AIDS in the Eastern Mediterranean RegionWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC47/INF.DOC.2; Agenda item 4 [b]
em_RC47_inf_doc_9_en.pdf.jpg2000Place and date of future sessions of the Regional CommitteeWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC47/INF.DOC.9; Agenda item 16
em_rc47_6_ar.pdf.jpg2000ورقة تقنية حول اثار اتفاقيات "الغات" ومنظمة التجارة العالمية على الصحة بوجه عامWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC47/6; Agenda item 11 [a]
em_RC47_3_annex_1_en.pdf.jpg2000Infant and young child nutrition: follow-upWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC47/3 annex 1; Agenda item 6 [a]
em_RC47_11_en.pdf.jpg2000Nomination of a member state to the joint coordinating board of the special programme for research and training in tropical diseasesWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC47/11; Agenda item 13
em_RC47_inf_doc_3_en.pdf.jpg2000Elimination of leprosyWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC47/INF.DOC.3; Agenda item 4 [c]
em_RC46_1_rev_1_en.pdf.jpg1999Provisional agendaWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC46/1 [Rev.1]; Agenda
em_RC46_10_en.pdf.jpg1999Nomination of a member state to the policy and coordination committee of the special programme of research, development and research training in human reporductionWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC46/10; Agenda item 11 [a]
em_rc11_14_fr.pdf.jpg1961Resolutions presentant de l'interet pour la region adoptees par l'assemblee mondiale de la sante et par le conseil executif, lors de ses vingt-septieme et vingt-huitieme sessionsWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC11/14; Agenda item 10
em_rc46_inf_doc_6_ar.pdf.jpg1999منح جائزة مؤسسة الدكتور علي توفيق شوشةWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC46/INF.DOC.6; Agenda item 13

Results 83811-83820 of 101992.