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Global AIDS surveillance : part 2
( 1997 )
Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV infections and AIDS
Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, 052 ( 2001 )
Global AIDS surveillance : part 1
( 1997 )
Surveillance mondiale du SIDA : partie 1
( 1997 )
تقارير المديرين الاقليميين عن أية تطورات اقليمية هامة ، بما فيها شؤون اللجان الاقليمية : تقرير من المدير الاقليمي لأفريقيا
المجلس التنفيذي, 93 ( 1993 )
Initiative Halte à la tuberculose : Rapport du Directeur général
Conseil exécutif, 105 ( 2000 )
Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards HIV/ AIDS among Iranian prisoners in Mazandaran province in the south-coast area of the Caspian Sea
( 2011 )

HIV infection in the Islamic Republic of Iran is concentrated primarily among intravenous drug users. This study investigated the knowledge, attitudes and practices towards HIV/AIDS prevention of a random sample of prisoners in 5 prisons in Mazandaran province. Of 1760 individuals aged 18-65 years old completing the questionnaire, the mean age was 30.1 [SD 8.1] years [range 18 to 59 years]; 95.8% were male. Respondents had an average to fairly good knowledge about HIV/AIDS, with the percentages answering correctly ranging from 11.9%to 85.9%. However many had the misconception that [HIV/AIDS does not influence Iran] and [I will not be infected with HIV/AIDS under any conditions] and 63.6% agreed that lack of religious and moral commitment could spread AIDS infection. HIV/AIDS prevention efforts are needed for prisoners in Mazandaran province

GRADE tables: What recommendation should be made on the duration of breastfeeding in breastfeeding populations, for women living with HIV?
World Health Organization; Rutherford, George W.; Horvath, Tara ( 2013 )
GRADE tables: what ARV regimen to start with in children older than or equal to three years of age?
World Health Organization; Anglemyer, A; Horvath, T; Autherford, G; Penzzato, M ( 2013 )
Доклад о состоянии здравоохранения в мире, 2004 г.: Изменить ход истории.
Всемирная организация здравоохранения ( 2004 )