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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
EB15_AF-WP-4_eng.pdf.jpg1955Standing Committee on Administration and Finance: supplementary programme with cost estimates (to be implemented to the extent that funds are made available): Programme supplementaire et prévisions budgetaires correspondantes (à exécuter dans les limites des fonds disponibles)Executive Board, 15EB15/AF/WP/4
EB15_AF-WP-6_eng.pdf.jpg1955Programme and budget: information on staff turnover figures applied to budget estimatesExecutive Board, 15EB15/AF/WP/6
EB15_AF-WP-9_eng.pdf.jpg1955Programme and budget: averages: summary analysis of expenditure in 1952 and 1953 for certain entitlements for which averages are used in the annual programme and budget estimatesExecutive Board, 15EB15/AF/WP/9
EB15_AF-WP-21_eng.pdf.jpg1955Programme and budget: methods for assessing members which participate in the work of the Organization for the effective working budgetExecutive Board, 15EB15/AF/WP/21
EB15_AF-WP-1_eng.pdf.jpg1954Programme and budget: proposed programme and budget estimates for 1956: regular budgetExecutive Board, 15EB15/AF/WP/1
EB15_AF-WP-20_eng.pdf.jpg1955Programme and budget: chart showing estimated cost of regional offices and field programmes for 1956 as compared to 1955Executive Board, 15EB15/AF/WP/20
EB15_97_eng.pdf.jpg1955Report of the drafting group on the proposed programme and budget estimatesExecutive Board, 15EB15/97
EB15_AF-WP-2_eng.pdf.jpg1955Standing Committee on Administration and Finance: proposed use of the 1956 budget by percentages: Indication, par pourcentages, des diverses utilisations proposées pour le budget de 1956Executive Board, 15EB15/AF/WP/2
EB15_65_eng.pdf.jpg1955Report on the proposed programme and budget for 1956Executive Board, 15EB15/65
EB15_AF-WP-8_eng.pdf.jpg1955Programme and budget: established posts by major organizational units 1951-1956: regular budgetExecutive Board, 15EB15/AF/WP/8

Results 6511-6520 of 8349.