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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
WHO_FCH_CAH_04.7.pdf.jpg2004Clinical management of acute diarrhoea: WHO/UNICEF joint statementWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development; UNICEFWHO/FCH/CAH/04.7; UNICEF/PD/Diarrhoea/01
a83743.pdf.jpg2004Food and nutrition needs in emergenciesWorld Health Organization; UNHCR; UNICEF; World Food Programme-
WHO_HSE_GCR_2012.13_eng.pdf.jpg2012Communication for behavioural impact (COMBI): a toolkit for behavioural and social communication in outbreak responseWorld Health Organization; UNICEF; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsWHO/HSE/GCR/2012.13
WHO_FCH_CAH_04.06_fre.pdf.jpg2004Déclaration commune de lαOMS et de lαUNICEF: prise en charge de la pneumonie dans les communautésWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development; UNICEFWHO/FCH/CAH/04.06
WHO_Mal_126-3.pdf.jpg1955Information on the WHO/UNICEF-assisted malaria control programme in LiberiaWorld Health Organization. Malaria Section; UNICEF; Conference on Malaria in Africa (1955 : Lagos, Nigeria)WHO/Mal/126-3; Lagos Conf/1-3; WHO/Mal/126-3 Add.1; Lagos Conf/1-3 Add.1
WHO_MCH_NUT_86.1.pdf.jpg1986Report of the Joint WHO/UNICEF Consultation Concerning "Infants Who Have to be Fed on Breast-Milk Substitutes", Geneva, 17-18 December 1985Joint WHO/UNICEF Consultation Concerning 'Infants who Have to be Fed on Breast-Milk Substitutes' (1985: Geneva); World Health Organization. Maternal and Child Health Unit; UNICEF; World Health Organization. Nutrition UnitWHO/MCH/NUT/86.1. Unpublished
WHO_POLIO_04.01_fre.pdf.jpg2003Initiative mondiale pour l' éradication de la poliomyélite : estimation des ressources financières extérieures nécessaires pour 2004-2008, décembre 2003Global Polio Eradication Initiative; World Health Organization; UNICEFWHO/POLIO/04.01
2004WHO-UNICEF joint statement : reducing measles mortality in emergenciesWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Vaccines and Biologicals; UNICEFWHO/V&B/04.03; UNICEF/PD/MEASLES/02
1999Déclaration de principe OMS/UNICEF sur l' utilisation des pastilles de contrôle du vaccin par les services de vaccinationWorld Health Organization; UNICEFWHO/V&B/99.18
1989The world economic crisis and its impact on health and health services : evidence and requirements for actionWorld Health Organization; UNICEF; UNICEF-WHO Joint Committee on Health Policy Session. (27th : 1989 : Geneva)JC27/UNICEF-WHO/89.3. Unpublished

Results 31-40 of 421.