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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
EB41R34_eng.pdf.jpg1968Appointment of an ad hoc committee of the Board to consider the external auditor's report on the accounts of the organization for the year 1967Executive Board, 41EB41.R34
EB41R40_eng.pdf.jpg1968Recommendations of the ad hoc committee of experts to examine the finances of the United Nations and the specialized agencies: progress report on implementationExecutive Board, 41EB41.R40
EB41R7_eng.pdf.jpg1968Voluntary fund for health promotionExecutive Board, 41EB41.R7
EB41R8_eng.pdf.jpg1968Transfers between sections of the appropriation resolution for 1967Executive Board, 41EB41.R8
EB41R4_eng.pdf.jpg1968Transfers between sections of the appropriation resolution for 1968Executive Board, 41EB41.R4
EB41R14_eng.pdf.jpg1968Proposed programme and budget estimates for 1969: voluntary fund for health promotionExecutive Board, 41EB41.R14
EB41R15_eng.pdf.jpg1968Status of collection of annual contributions and of advances to the Working Capital FundExecutive Board, 41EB41.R15
EB41R6_eng.pdf.jpg1968Co-ordination with the United Nations, the specialized agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency: administrative, budgetary and financial mattersExecutive Board, 41EB41.R6
EB41R4_rus.pdf.jpg1968Перемещения между разделами резолюции об ассигнованиях на 1968 г.Исполнительный комитет, 41 сессияEB41.R4
EB41R14_rus.pdf.jpg1968Проект программы и бюджетные сметы на 1969 г. Добровольный фонд укрепления здоровьяИсполнительный комитет, 41 сессияEB41.R14

Results 1-10 of 115.