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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
WHA23.6_eng.pdf.jpg1970Status of collection of annual contributions and of advances to the Working Capital FundWorld Health Assembly, 23WHA23.6
WHA23.27_eng.pdf.jpg1970Co-ordination with the United Nations, the specialized agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency on administrative, budgetary and financial mattersWorld Health Assembly, 23WHA23.27
WHA23.62_eng.pdf.jpg1970General order of magnitude of the budget for 1972World Health Assembly, 23WHA23.62
WHA23.38_eng.pdf.jpg1970Consideration of the desirability and feasibility of the establishment of a group of representatives of member States to consult with the external auditor on his examination of the financial and administrative procedures of WHOWorld Health Assembly, 23WHA23.38
WHA23.27_rus.pdf.jpg1970Координация с Организацией Объединенных Наций, специализированными учреждениями и Международным агентством по атомной энергии: административные, бюджетные и финансовые вопросыВсемирная ассамблея здравоохранения, 23 сессияWHA23.27
WHA23.8_eng.pdf.jpg1970Review of the Working Capital FundWorld Health Assembly, 23WHA23.8
WHA23.31_eng.pdf.jpg1970Second report of the ad hoc committee of experts to examine the finances of the United Nations and the specialized agencies: progress report on implementationWorld Health Assembly, 23WHA23.31
WHA23.19_fre.pdf.jpg1970Avances prélevées sur le fonds de roulement pour livraison de fournitures d'urgence aux Etats MembresAssemblée mondiale de la Santé, 23WHA23.19
WHA23.5_fre.pdf.jpg1970Rapport financier sur les comptes de l'OMS pour l'exercice 1969 et Rapport du Commissaire aux ComptesAssemblée mondiale de la Santé, 23WHA23.5
WHA23.8_fre.pdf.jpg1970Réexamen du fonds de roulementAssemblée mondiale de la Santé, 23WHA23.8

Results 1-10 of 90.