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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-1_eng.pdf.jpg1953Tuberculosis in India: a programme for its control: note submitted by the Government of IndiaWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/1
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-13_eng.pdf.jpg1953Tuberculosis control in Lebanon: note communicated by the Government of LebanonWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/13
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-16_eng.pdf.jpg1953Tuberculosis control in Uruguay: report submitted by the Government of UruguayWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/16
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-19_eng.pdf.jpg1953Report of the study group on tuberculosis during technical discussionsWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/19
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-2_eng.pdf.jpg1953Principles governing measures for the prevention of tuberculosis: report submitted by the Government of the Grand Duchy of LuxembourgWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/2
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-10_eng.pdf.jpg1953Control of tuberculosis: note submitted by the Government of the United States of AmericaWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/10
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-3_eng.pdf.jpg1953Objectives, methods and techniques in control of tuberculosis in the Netherlands: report submitted by the Government of the NetherlandsWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/3
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-6_eng.pdf.jpg1953Tuberculosis control in the French overseas territories: report communicated by the French GovernmentWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/6
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-17_eng.pdf.jpg1953Summary of the report for 1952 by the tuberculosis control department: submitted by the Government of Costa RicaWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/17
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-4_eng.pdf.jpg1953Tuberculosis: statement of principles regarding tuberculosis submitted by the Government of IcelandWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/4

Results 1-10 of 38.