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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
WHA1_66_fre.pdf.jpg1948Septième rapport de la Commission des RelationsAssemblée mondiale de la Santé, 1A/66
WHA1_63_fre.pdf.jpg1948Quatrième rapport de la Commission des relationsAssemblée mondiale de la Santé, 1A/63
WHA1_L-11_eng.pdf.jpg194812.5.4, 12.5.5 Privileges and immunities; draft agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the World Health Organization (Off.Rec.WHO, 10, pages 107, 121): second report of the Legal CommitteeWorld Health Assembly, 1A/L/11
WHA1_Rel-23_eng.pdf.jpg194812. and Proposal with respect to the articles concerning joint committees in the FAO and UNESCO agreements: Committee on Relations: paper submitted by the United States delegationWorld Health Assembly, 1A/Rel/23
WHA1_Rel-29_eng.pdf.jpg194812.4.5.1 Pan American Sanitary Organization (Off.Rec.WHO, 10 page 93): Committee on Relations: draft resolution proposed by the delegation of BrazilWorld Health Assembly, 1A/Rel/29
WHA1_Rel-33_eng.pdf.jpg194812.3.8 Non-governmental organizations (Off.Rec.WHO, 10 page 82): Committee on Relations: report of the working party on non-governmental organizationsWorld Health Assembly, 1A/Rel/33
WHA1_Rel-28_eng.pdf.jpg1948Draft fourth report of the Committee on RelationsWorld Health Assembly, 1A/Rel/28; A/Rel/28 Corr.1
WHA1_Rel-37_eng.pdf.jpg194812.3.9 Other business: (Off.Rec.WHO, 10 page 57): Committee on Relations: general resolution on co-ordinationWorld Health Assembly, 1A/Rel/37
WHA1_Rel-32_eng.pdf.jpg1948Committee on Relations: draft fifth report of Committee on RelationsWorld Health Assembly, 1A/Rel/32; A/Rel/32 Corr.1
WHA1_Rel-24_eng.pdf.jpg194812.3.4.1 Food and Agriculture Organization (Off.Rec.WHO, 10 page 68): Committee on Relations: paper submitted by the delegation of the United KingdomWorld Health Assembly, 1A/Rel/24

Results 1-10 of 89.