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WHO_TB_97.235_fre.pdf.jpg1998Revue du programme national de lutte contre la tuberculose au MaliWHO Global Tuberculosis Programme; Mali. Ministère de la Santé, de la Solidarité et des Personnes âgéesWHO/TB/97.235
WHO_TB_98.244_(part1).pdf.jpg1998Revue du programme national de lutte contre la tuberculose en République de Côte d' IvoireWHO Global Tuberculosis Programme; Côte d'Ivoire. Ministère de la Santé publiqueWHO/TB/98.244
WHO_TB_97.220_spa.pdf.jpg1997Tratamiento de la tuberculosis : directrices para los programas nacionalesWHO Global Tuberculosis ProgrammeWHO/TB/97.220
WHO_CDS_TB_2002.304(S).pdf.jpg2002Contribución de la comunidad a la atención de la tuberculosis : una perspectiva latinoamericanaJaramillo, Ernesto; WHO Global Tuberculosis ProgrammeWHO/CDS/TB/2002.304(S)
WHO_TB_98.243.pdf.jpg1998Managing the dual epidemics of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS : a review of challenge and response in five countriesWHO Global Tuberculosis ProgrammeWHO/TB/98.243
WHO_TB_96.208.pdf.jpg1996Tuberculosis control in South Africa : joint programme review / conducted by a joint team, Department of Health and WHOWHO Global Tuberculosis Programme; South Africa. Dept. of HealthWHO/TB/96.208
WHO_CDS_TB_2002.302.pdf.jpg2002Community contribution to TB care : an Asian perspectiveSharma, B. V; WHO Global Tuberculosis ProgrammeWHO/CDS/TB/2002.302
WHO_TB_96.199.pdf.jpg1996Tuberculosis control workshop report, Geneva, October 1995 and revision of "Treatment of tuberculosis : guidelines for national programmes"WHO Global Tuberculosis ProgrammeWHO/TB/96.199. Unpublished
WHO_TB_96.201_fre.pdf.jpg1996Revue du programme national de lutte antituberculeuse de la République de Guinée / menée par une équipe mixte du Ministère de la Santé publique de Guinée et de l' Organisation mondiale de la Santé, 10-25 novembre 1995Tamouza, A; WHO Global Tuberculosis Programme; Guinea. Ministère de la santé publiqueWHO/TB/96.201
WHO_TB_96.217.pdf.jpg1996National tuberculosis programme review : experience in twelve countries during the period 1990-1995WHO Global Tuberculosis ProgrammeWHO/TB/96.217

Results 1-10 of 23.