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A new species of the Anopheles funestus complex (diptera : culicidae) from Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania / by S. K. Sobti
Sobti, S. K; World Health Organization ( 1968 )
Summary review of larvicides tested at stage IV/V field trials, 1964-1977 / [ed.] by I. Jurjevskis, A. R. Stiles
Jurjevskis, I; Stiles, A. R; World Health Organization ( 1980 )
Insecticide resistance in Indonesia / by C. T. O'Connor, Arwati
O'Connor, C. T; Arwati,; World Health Organization ( 1974 )
List of WHO/MAL documents issued in 1975 = Liste des documents publiés en 1975 dans la série WHO/MAL
World Health Organization ( 1976 )
Malaria control by application of indoor spraying of residual insecticides in Tropical Africa and its impact on population health / by R. L. Kouznetsov
Kouznetsov, R. L; World Health Organization ( 1976 )
The estimation of incidence and recovery rates of Plasmodium falciparum parasitaemia, from longitudinal data / by A. Bekessy, L. Molineaux, J. Storey
Bekessy, A; Molineaux, L; Storey, J; World Health Organization ( 1976 )
Pt. VIII. House spraying with residual insecticides with special reference to malaria control / by R. E. Fontaine
Fontaine, R. E; World Health Organization ( 1978 )
Gambusia fish as a means of biological control of Anopheles sacharovi in Greece / by J. Hadjinicolaou, B. Betzios
Hadjinicolaou, J; Betzios, B; World Health Organization ( 1973 )
List of WHO/Mal documents issued in 1967 = Liste des documents publiés en 1967 dans la série WHO/Mal
World Health Organization ( 1968 )
A simple epidemiological model for the evaluation of the malaria inoculation rate and risk of infection in infants / by J. H. Pull, B. Grab
Pull, J. H; Grab, B; World Health Organization ( 1974 )