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A new species of the Anopheles funestus complex (diptera : culicidae) from Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania / by S. K. Sobti
Sobti, S. K; World Health Organization ( 1968 )
Gambusia fish as a means of biological control of Anopheles sacharovi in Greece / by J. Hadjinicolaou, B. Betzios
Hadjinicolaou, J; Betzios, B; World Health Organization ( 1973 )
Further observations on Anopheles balabacensis balabacensis and malaria in Burma by Khin-Maung-Kyi
Kyi, Khin Maung; World Health Organization ( 1974 )
Entomological evaluation of fenitrothion (OMS-43) as a residual spray for the control of an An. gambiae and An. Funestus, Kisumu, Kenya / by R. E. Fontaine, G. P. Joshi, G. D. Pradhan
Fontaine, R. E; Joshi, G. P; Pradhan, G. D; World Health Organization ( 1975 )
Cytogenetic observations on species C, A. Merus and A. Melas of the Anopheles gambiae complex / by Mario Coluzzi and Adriana Sabatini
Coluzzi, Mario; World Health Organization ( 1968 )
Studies on malaria and Anopheles balabacensis balabacensis and Anopheles minimus in Burma / Khin-Maung-Kyi, S. M. Winn
Kyi, Khin-Maung; Winn, S. M; World Health Organization ( 1976 )
Review of cytogenetic studies on anopheline vectors of malaria / by G. B. White, M. Coluzzi, A. R. Zahar
White, G. B; Coluzzi, Mario; Zahar, A. R; World Health Organization ( 1975 )
Monitoring susceptibility of malaria vectors and suspected vectors to pesticides in Thailand / by I. A. H. Ismail, S. Phinichpongse
Ismail, I. A. H; Phinichpongse, S; World Health Organization ( 1980 )
A note on blood digestion and egg development in Anopheles merus in Southern Mozambique - May 1964 / by John L. Clarke
Clarke, John L; World Health Organization ( 1969 )
A verandah-trap hut for studying the house-frequenting habits of mosquitos and for assessing insecticides : the effect of phthalthrin (Neopynamin) on the behaviour and mortality of Anopheles gambiae giles / by A. Smith, P. I. M. Chabeda
Smith, A; Chabeda, P. I. M; World Health Organization ( 1969 )