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12.3 Relations (Off.Rec.WHO, 10, page 57): second report of the Committee on Relations
World Health Assembly, 1 ( 1948 )
Allocution du Directeur général à la dix-septième session: du Comité du Programme du Conseil exécutif
Conseil exécutif, 91 ( 1992 )
Collaboration with the United Nations system: cooperation with newly independent and emerging States in Africa: liberation struggle in Southern Africa: assistance to Namibia and National Liberation Movements in South Africa recognized by the OUA
World Health Assembly, 35 ( 1982 )
تقارير وحدة التفتيش المشتركة ( مشروع قرار مقترح من المقررين )
المجلس التنفيذي, 57 ( 1976 )
Co-ordination with other organizations, the United Nations, the specialized agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency: reports of the Joint Inspection Unit (report on a rationalization of the proceedings and documentation of the World Health Assembly
World Health Assembly, 24 ( 1971 )
Доклад Объединенного комитета ЮНИСЕФ/ВОЗ по вопросам политики в области здравоохранения о работе его девятнадцатой сессии
Исполнительный комитет, 50 сессия ( 1972 )
Борьба с туберкулезом: ход работы и долгосрочное планирование: доклад Секретариата
Всемирная ассамблея здравоохранения, 60 ( 2007 )
Collaboration within the United Nations system: health assistance to specific countries
World Health Assembly, 45 ( 1992 )
Rapport du comité mixte FISE/OMS des directives sanitaires sur sa vingt et unième session
Conseil exécutif, 60 ( 1977 )
Collaboration with the United Nations system: general matters: programme support costs
World Health Assembly, 34 ( 1981 )