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Title: Plasmodium falciparum : continuous cultivation of erythrocyte stages in plasma-free culture medium / by G. P. Willet, C. J. Canfield
Authors: Willet, G. P
Canfield, C. J
World Health Organization
Issue Date: 1983
Publisher: Geneva : World Health Organization
Language: English
Description: Documents : WHO/MAL/82.976-82.989, WHO/MAL/83.990-83.991, WHO/MAL/83.992 (WHO/VBC/83.873), WHO/MAL/83.993-83.998, WHO/MAL/83.999 (WHO/VBC/83.878), WHO/MAL/83.1000-83.1003, WHO/MAL/84.1004-84.1006, WHO/MAL/84.1007 (WHO/VBC/84.898), WHO/MAL84.1008 (WHO/VBC/84.899), WHO/MAL(84.1009-84.1012, WHO/MAL/84.1013 (WHO/VBC/84.905), WHO/MAL/84.1014-84.1015, WHO/MAL/84.1016 (WHO/VBC/84.908), WHO/MAL/85.1017 (WHO/VBC/85.910), WHO/MAL/85.1018-85.1021, WHO/MAL/86.1022-86.1033, WHO/MAL/87.1034-87.1036, WHO/MAL/87.1037 (WHO/VBC/87.944), WHO/MAL/87.1038-87.1040, WHO/MAL/87.1041 (WHO/VBC/87.951), WHO/MAL/87.1042, WHO/MAL/88.1043-88.1050, WHO/MAL/89.1051 (WHO/VBC/89.966), WHO/MAL/89.1052-89.1054, WHO/MAL/90.1055-90.1057, WHO/MAL/90.1058 (WHO/VBC/90.985), WHO/MAL/90.1059-90.1060, WHO/MAL/90.1061 (WHO/VBC/90.989), WHO/MAL/91.1062 (WHO/VBC/91.994), WHO/MAL/91.1063, bound in 1 vol
Summary in French p. 4
8 p. (ill., graphs).
Subject: Malaria
Plasmodium falciparum
Cells, Cultured
Context: prevention and control
growth and development
metadata.dc.subject.other: Parasitic Diseases and their Control
Gov't Doc #: WHO/MAL/83.1002
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