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Title: Biological substances, international standards and reference reagents : 1990
Authors: World Health Organization
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: Geneva : World Health Organization
Language: English
Abstract: Tabulates key information on the availability and specifications of international biological standards and international biological reference reagents. These standards and reference reagents are established to provide a means of ensuring uniformity throughout the world in the designation of the potency, activity, or specificity of preparations that are used in the prophylaxis, therapy, or diagnosis of human and some animal diseases, and that cannot be expressed directly in terms of chemical and physical quantities. Biological standards are established for use in the calibration of the activity of national or working standards and for the expression of their biological activity in international units. Samples of standard preparations are intended for use in laboratory assays only and should not be administered to human beings. The first and most extensive part of the book provides an updated list of standards for allergens, antibiotics, antibodies, antigens, blood products and related substances, cytokines, endocrinological and related substances, and a miscellaneous group of substances. For each group of substances, standard preparations are listed in alphabetical order under the name and address of the laboratory that holds and distributes the substances. Each is identified by name and then characterized in terms of its biological activity, expressed as the total number of international units per ampoule; a weight definition of the unit, where necessary; the form in which the substance is available from the laboratory; the year of establishment of the standard; and pertinent references. The second main part of the book presents similar information for international biological reference reagents, which are established mainly for the purpose of providing reference materials of high specificity for the identification of micro-organisms or their products as well as for the identification of other biological substances of interest in the diagnosis of diseases. The concluding sections list biological and pharmaceutical reference materials that have been discontinued, and give the name and package size for International Chemical Reference Substances available in 1991
Description: 105 p.
Spanish (1987)
Subject: Biological Products
Indicators and Reagents
Reference Standards
Context: standards tables
metadata.dc.subject.other: Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals
Other Identifiers: 89241544295
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