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Anchoring universal health coverage in the right to health: what difference would it make? Policy brief
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
WHO global disability action plan 2014-2021: better health for all people with disability
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Capturing the difference we make: community-based rehabilitation indicators manual
World Health Organization; International Disability and Development Consortium ( 2015 )
WHO estimates of the global burden of foodborne diseases: foodborne disease burden epidemiology reference group 2007-2015
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Technical specifications for oxygen concentrators
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
WHO safe childbirth checklist implementation guide: improving the quality of facility-based delivery for mothers and newborns
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
International code of conduct on pesticide management: guidelines on licensing of public health pest control operators
World Health Organization; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( 2015 )
Safety evaluation of certain food additives / prepared by the Eightieth meeting of the Joint FAO/ WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA)
World Health Organization; Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. Meeting (80th : 2015 : Rome, Italy) ( 2015 )
Global health sector response to HIV, 2000-2015: focus on innovations in Africa: progress report
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Policy brief: consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection: what’s new
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Guidelines for conducting HIV surveillance among pregnant women attending antenatal clinics based on routine programme data
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Improving paediatric quality of care at first-level referral hospitals: final meeting on the WHO-Russian Federation paediatric quality of care improvement initiative, Geneva, Switzerland, 27–28 July 2015
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Améliorer la disponibilité des services des centres antipoison en Afrique de l'Est : principaux points d’une étude de faisabilité concernant la création d’un centre antipoison sous‑régional en Afrique de l’Est (Feasibility Study for a Subregional Poison Centre in the Eastern Africa Subregion), incluant un guide pour la mise en place d’un service d’information toxicologique
Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 2015 )
Atteinte de la cible des OMD pour le paludisme : inversion de la tendance entre 2000 et 2015
Organisation mondiale de la Santé; UNICEF ( 2015 )
Summary report of systematic reviews for public health emergency operations centres: plans and procedures; communication technology and infrastructure: minimum datasets and standards; training and exercises
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Renforcer la législation sur la sécurité routière : guide pratique pour les ateliers
Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 2015 )
International traffic safety: data systems improvement
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Ethics in epidemics, emergencies and disasters: research, surveillance and patient care: training manual
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Framework for a public health emergency operations centre
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Introducing solar-powered vaccine refrigerator and freezer systems: a guide for managers in national immunization programs
World Health Organization; UNICEF ( 2015 )
Collection's Items (Sorted by تاريخ الإرسال in نزول order): 1 to 20 of 9653