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The health of Europe: summary of the second health for all evaluation
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 1993 )

Summarizes the main findings of a large-scale evaluation, conducted in 1990-1991, of the health situation in European countries. The evaluation, conducted on the eve of dramatic political changes in central and eastern Europe, revealed wide variations in health status and the quality of health care. Particular attention is given to the extent to which 38 precise health targets, formulated and agreed upon in 1984, have been met. The report notes several areas of general improvement, including increased life expectancy, progress in the elimination of some infectious diseases, reduced mortality from several chronic diseases, a fall in infant and maternal mortality rates, a reduced incidence of Down's syndrome, thalassaemia, and other severe congenital disorders, and several encouraging signs that non-smoking is becoming the social norm in certain countries. Enduring problems identified include AIDS, alcohol and drug abuse, the chemical pollution of water supplies, poor urban air quality, growing poverty and unemployment, widespread obesity, and outbreaks of foodborne disease. The report concludes with a call for renewed efforts to meet the 38 time-limited targets, particularly in view of the great challenge posed by health needs in central and eastern Europe.

Nursing in action: strengthening nursing and midwifery to support health for all
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; Salvage, Jane ( 1994 )

A practical, step-by-step guide to the introduction of changes intended to strengthen the role and status of nurses in Europe. Emphasis is placed on changes that lead to improved patient care in line with the principles of health for all. Noting that nurses are uniquely placed to perceive the need for change and then take the initiative, the book aims to help readers think through weaknesses in health care, understand how to introduce change, and take the appropriate action, whether to improve practices on a hospital ward or to change the way nurses are trained. The book opens with an overview of problems faced by the nursing profession at a time when dramatic changes in Europe call for expanded functions and responsibilities. Three conditions that influence the development of nursing throughout Europe are identified as a lack of power to influence decisions about health care, the low status and poor pay characteristic of a female-dominated profession, and the strong medical bias in European health systems. The second chapter considers how nursing practice can be changed. Adopting a step-by-step approach, the chapter helps readers think through the process of change, analyse situations, understand sources of resistance, and avoid common pitfalls. Advice on the development of a regulatory framework is considered in the next chapter, which shows how a well-designed regulatory system can work as an important strategy in efforts to create a well-informed, responsible profession equipped to provide effective services. The remaining chapters cover eight stages in the review and reorientation of curricula for nursing education, and consider ways to develop leadership qualities in nurse teachers and managers and during postbasic nursing education.

Acute effects on health of smog episodes: report on a WHO meeting, 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 30 October -2 November 1990
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 1992 )
Programming in access-constrained environments: practical guidance
World Health Organization ( 2018 )
¿La herencia de un mundo sostenible? Atlas sobre salud infantil y medio ambiente
Organización Mundial de la Salud ( 2018 )
Un monde durable en héritage ? Atlas de la santé infantile et de l’environnement
Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 2018 )
WHO treatment guidelines for isoniazid-resistant tuberculosis: supplement to the WHO treatment guidelines for drug-resistant tuberculosis
World Health Organization ( 2018 )
Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) used for surveillance and detection of an outbreak of cholera
World Health Organization ( 2018 )
Tobacco product regulation: building laboratory testing capacity
World Health Organization ( 2018 )
Politiques fiscales incitatives en matière d’alimentation et de prévention des maladies non transmissibles : rapport d’une réunion technique tenue à Genève (Suisse) les 5 et 6 mai 2015
Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 2017 )
Guidelines for the diagnosis, prevention, and management of cryptococcal disease in HIV-infected adults, adolescents and children, March 2018: supplement to the 2016 consolidated guidelines of the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection
World Health Organization ( 2018 )
Addressing the rising prevalence of hearing loss
World Health Organization ( 2018 )
A generic risk assessment model for insecticide-treated nets
World Health Organization ( 2018 )
Guideline: implementing effective actions for improving adolescent nutrition
World Health Organization ( 2018 )
Lignes directrices pour la prévention, les soins et le traitement en faveur des personnes atteintes de l’infection à hépatite B chronique
Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 2018 )
Прогресс в области обеспечения питьевой водой, санитарии и гигиены: обновленная информация за 2017 г. и исходные уровни для достижения Целей в области устойчивого развития
Всемирная организация здравоохранения; ЮНИСЕФ ( 2017 )
Progresos en materia de agua potable, saneamiento e higiene: informe de actualización de 2017 y linea de base de los ODS
Organización Mundial de la Salud; UNICEF ( 2017 )
Progrès en matière d’approvisionnement en eau potable, d’assainissement et d’hygiène : mise à jour 2017 et estimations des ODD
Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 2018 )
Intégrer les maladies tropicales négligées dans l’action pour la santé mondiale et le développement : quatrième rapport de l’OMS sur les maladies tropicales négligées
Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 2018 )
WHO study group on tobacco product regulation: report on the scientific basis of tobacco product regulation: sixth report of a WHO study group
World Health Organization ( 2017 )
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 10311