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9291734349_fre.pdf.jpg2005Suivi de la Déclaration d'engagement sur le VIH/SIDA : directives pour l' élaboration d' indicateurs de baseUNAIDS; United Nations. General Assembly. Special Session on HIV/AIDS (2001 : New York, N.Y.)ONUSIDA/05.17F
9291734357_spa.pdf.jpg2005Seguimiento de la Declaración de compromiso sobre el VIH/SIDA : directrices para el desarrollo de indicadores básicosUNAIDS; United Nations. General Assembly. Special Session on HIV/AIDS (2001 : New York, N.Y.)ONUSIDA/05.17S
9243546074_spa.pdf.jpg2005Guía del productor de cuentas nacionales de salud : con aplicaciones especiales para los países de ingresos bajos y mediosWorld Health Organization. Evidence and Information for Policy Cluster-
WHO_TRS_350.pdf.jpg1967National health planning in developing countries : report of a WHO expert committee [meeting held in Geneva from 27 September to 3 October 1966]WHO Expert Committee on National Health Planning in Developing Countries; World Health Organization-
9243210017.pdf.jpg1988Directrices para el establecimiento de un programa nacional de prevención y lucha contra el SIDAWorld Health Organization-
924180002X.pdf.jpg1979Formulating strategies for health for all by the year 2000 : guiding principles and essential issues, document of the Executive Board of the World Health OrganizationWorld Health Organization-
9241593911_eng.pdf.jpg2006The safety of medicines in public health programmes : pharmacovigilance, an essential toolWorld Health Organization. Quality Assurance and Safety of Medicines Team-
1994Tratamiento de la tuberculosis : directrices para los programas nacionalesWorld Health Organization-
9241593490_eng.pdf.jpg2005Enhancing participation in Codex activities : an FAO/WHO training packageFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; World Health Organization. Dept. of Food Safety, Zoonoses and Foodborne Diseases-
WHO_PHA_2.pdf.jpg1994Experiences with primary health care in Zambia / edited by Joseph M. Kasonde & John D. MartinKasonde, Joseph M; Martin, John D; World Health Organization-

Results 1-10 of 403.