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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
9241546905_eng.pdf.jpg2006Trachoma control : a guide for programme managersSolomon, Anthony W; World Health Organization; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; International Trachoma Initiative-
9789243548067_spa.pdf.jpg2011Guía de intervención mhGAP para los trastornos mentales, neurológicos y por uso de sustancias en el nivel de atención de la salud no especializadaWorld Health Organization-
9789241548151_eng.pdf.jpg2011Guidelines for drinking-water qualityWorld Health Organization-
9789242564174_fre.pdf.jpg2011Assurer l'équilibre dans les politiques nationales relatives aux substances sous contrôle : orientation pour la disponibilité et l'accessibilité des médicaments sous contrôleWorld Health Organization-
9789243501789_spa.pdf.jpg2011Directriz : administración de suplementos de vitamina A en el embarazoWorld Health Organization-
WHO_TRS_895.pdf.jpg2000The use of essential drugs: ninth report of the WHO Expert Committee (including the revised Model list of essential drugs)WHO Expert Committee on the Use of Essential Drugs (1999 : Geneva, Switzerland); World Health Organization-
9789241502047_eng.pdf.jpg2011Guideline: use of multiple micronutrient powders for home fortification of foods consumed by infants and children 6-23 months of ageWorld Health Organization-
2011Quality assurance of pharmaceuticals [electronic resource] : a compendium of guidelines and related materials - updated 2011 edWorld Health Organization-
9789242501797_fre.pdf.jpg2011Directive : supplémentation en vitamine A pendant la période néonataleWorld Health Organization-
9789242501780_fre.pdf.jpg2011Directive : supplémentation en vitamine A chez la femme enceinteWorld Health Organization-

Results 1-10 of 265.