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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
WHO_EPI_LHIS_93.2.pdf.jpg1993Report on solar energy and health for the World Solar Summit, Paris, 1993World Solar Summit (1993: Paris, France); WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/LHIS/93.2. Unpublished
MISC_7.pdf.jpg1985Global overview : the Expanded Programme on Immunization, Cartagena, Colombia, 14-16 October 1985WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationEPI/MISC/85/7. Unpublished
1987Vaccination en pratique : guide à l' usage des agents de santé qui administrent les vaccinsWHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationEPI/PHW/84/1 Rev.1 - 7 Rev.1, EPI/PHW/87/8, EPI/PHW/84.TG Rev.1. Unpublished
WHO_EPI_GEN_90.6_fre.pdf.jpg1990Protocole d' évaluation de la prévalence de l' hépatite B chez la femme enceinteWHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/90.6. Unpublished
WHO_EPI_LHIS_94.5.pdf.jpg19941995 [Nineteen ninety-five] EPI cold chain bibliographyWHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/LHIS/94.5. Unpublished
1998Proposed global action plan and timetable for safe handling and maximum laboratory containment of wild polioviruses and potentially infectious materials : version for public comment, June 1998WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/98.05
WHO_EPI_GEN_89.5.pdf.jpg1989Report of the Meeting on Global Strategies for Computerized EPI Information Systems, 24-26 April 1989, Washington, D. C. USAMeeting on Global Strategies for Computerized EPI Information Systems (1989: Washington, D.C.); WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/89.5. Unpublished
WHO_EPI_GEN_89.8.pdf.jpg1989Stability of vaccines / Artur GalazkaGalazka, Artur M; WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/89.8 Unpublished
1985Solar powered refrigerators for vaccine storage and icepack freezing : status summary June 1985WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationEPI/CCIS/85.4. Unpublished
WHO_EPI_POLIO_RHB_91.1_fre.pdf.jpg1991Directives pour la prévention des déformations dues à la poliomyéliteWHO Expanded Programme on Immunization; World Health Organization. Rehabilitation UnitWHO/EPI/POLIO/RHB/91.1. Unpublished

Results 1-10 of 238.