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Ebola virus disease (EVD): key questions and answers concerning water, sanitation and hygiene
World Health Organization; UNICEF ( 2014 )
Indicateurs pour la surveillance des progrès réalisés en vue des objectifs fixés pour la santé maternelle : rapport d' un groupe de travail technique, Genève, 8-12 novembre 1993
World Health Organization. Maternal Health and Safe Motherhood Programme; UNICEF ( 1994 )
Strategies to promote and maintain the healthy development of young people : summary of the discussions of a UNICEF/WHO working group, 4-6 November, 1991, UNICEF House, New York
World Health Organization. Adolescent Health Unit; UNICEF ( 1992 )
Report of the Twenty-sixth session held at the headquarters of the World Health Organization
UNICEF-WHO Joint Committee on Health Policy. Session (26th: 1987 : Geneva); World Health Organization; UNICEF ( 1987 )
Children's Vaccine Initiative : Declaration of Kyoto
Children's Vaccine Initiative. Consultative Group. Meeting (3rd : 1993: Kyoto, Japan); WHO Expanded Programme on Immunization; UNICEF; United Nations Development Programme; Rockefeller Foundation; World Bank ( 1993 )
Initiative mondiale pour l' éradication de la poliomyélite : prévisions de dépenses pour 2002-2005 au 1er septembre 2001
Global Polio Eradication Initiative; World Health Organization; UNICEF ( 2001 )
Measles : mortality reduction and regional elimination : strategic plan 2001-2005
World Health Organization. Dept. of Vaccines and Biologicals; UNICEF ( 2001 )
Global Polio Eradication Initiative : estimated external financial resource requirements 2002-2005, as of 1 September 2001
Global Polio Eradication Initiative; World Health Organization; UNICEF ( 2001 )
WHO/UNICEF study on the stability of drugs during international transport / H. V. Hogerzeil ... [et al.]
Hogerzeil, Hans V; Battersby, Anthony; Srdanovic, V; Hansen, L. V; Boye, O; Lindgren, Björn; Everitt, G; Stjernstrom, N. E; World Health Organization. Action Programme on Essential Drugs and Vaccines; UNICEF ( 1991 )
Trends in maternal mortality: 1990 to 2013: estimates by WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, The World Bank and the United Nations Population Division: executive summary
World Health Organization; UNICEF; United Nations Population Fund; World Bank; United Nations. Population Division ( 2014 )