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Healthy environments for children : World Health Day 2003
World Health Organization ( 2003 )
745 000 [Seven hundred and fourty five thousand] children die of measles each year, but all deaths are preventable through a novel, comprehensive immunization strategy
World Health Organization ( 2003 )
Custodial psychiatric hospitals in conflict situations
World Health Organization ( 2003 )
The domains of health responsiveness : a human rights analysis / Lawrence Gostin ... [et al.]
Gostin, Lawrence Oglethorpe; Hodge, James G; Valentine, Nicole; Nygren-Krug, Helena; World Health Organization ( 2003 )
1999 [Nineteen ninety-nine] World Health Organization-International Society of Hypertension guidelines : practice guidelines for primary care physicians / Guidelines Subcommittee
Chalmers, J; World Health Organization ( 1999 )
Interventions to improve antimalarial use / edited by M. Gomes and L. Pang
Gomes, Melba; Pang, Lorrin W; World Health Organization ( 1998 )
Un rêve ou une réalité? : discussion / M. Abdussalam
Abdussalam, M; World Health Organization ( 1997 )
L' éthique, l' équité et l' actualisation de la stratégie OMS de la santé pour tous / John H. Bryant, Kausar S. Khan & Adnan A. Hyder
Bryant, John H; Khan, Kausar S; Hyder, Adnan A; World Health Organization ( 1997 )
Ethique et décision : discussion / Arjuna P. R. Aluwihare
Aluwihare, Arjuna P. R; World Health Organization ( 1997 )
Comment mettre le principe en pratique : discussion / Kenneth Calman
Calman, Kenneth; World Health Organization ( 1997 )