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Elimination of leprosy as a public health problem : progress and prospects / S. K. Noordeen
Noordeen, S. K ( 1995 )
La contaminación atmosférica sigue constituyendo un problema de salud pública en París / Sylvia Medina ... [et al.]
Medina, Sylvia; Dab, William; Quénel, Philippe; Ferry, Ruth; Festy, Bernard ( 1996 )
Infectious diseases : global alert, global response
( 1997 )
Maladies infectieuses : alerte mondiale, riposte mondiale
( 1997 )
Main scientific results of the WHO International Programme on Health Effects of the Chernobyl Accident (IPHECA) / Guennadi N. Souchkevitch
( 1996 )
Dosimetric support of the International Programme on the Health Effects of the Chernobyl Accident (IPHECA) pilot project : main results and problems / I. A. Likhtarev ... [et al.]
Likhtarev, I. A; Kovgan, L. N; Repin, V. S; Los, I. P; Chumak, V. V; Novak, D. N; Sobolev, B. G; Kairo, I. A; Chepurnoy, N. I; Perevosnikov, O. N; Litvinets, L. A ( 1996 )
Epidemiological survey of the medical consequences of the Chernobyl accident in Ukraine
Buzunov, V. A; Strapko, N. P; Pirogova, E. A; Krasnikova, L. I; Bugayev, V. N; Korol, N. A; Treskunova, T. V; Ledoschuk, B. A; Gudzenko, N. A; Bomko, E. I; Bobyleva, O. A; Kartushin, G. I ( 1996 )
Internal exposure of the staff involved in the cleanup after the accident at the Chernobyl power plant in 1986 / V. A. Kutkov, I. A. Gusev & S. I. Dementiev
Kutkov, V. A; Gusev, I. A; Dementiev, S. I ( 1996 )
Anthrax : memorandum from a WHO meeting
WHO Working Group on Anthrax (1995: Winchester, England) ( 1996 )
El propio esfuerzo está ya más que justificado : debate / Michel F. Lechat
Lechat, Michel F ( 1996 )