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Title: Susceptibility status of transgenic Aedes aegypti (L.) against insecticides
Authors: Nazni, W A
Selvi, S
Lee, H L
Sadiyah, I
Azahari, H
Derric, N
Vasan, S S
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia.
Place of publication: New Delhi
Language: English
Abstract: Two strains of Aedes aegypti, a RIDL® strain (MyRIDL513A) and a laboratory strain (MyWT), were used in the insecticide-susceptibility study. Two-to-five-day-old female mosquitoes from both strains were tested for their susceptibility against seven insecticides from the class of organophosphate, carbamate, pyrethroids and organochlorine. The adult bioassay was performed according to WHO standard procedures. The 50% lethal time (LT50) value was determined for each strain against the seven insecticides. Both the MyRIDL513A and MyWT strains were resistant to DDT, exhibiting mortality of 48% and 33% respectively, but were susceptible to malathion (5%), permethrin (0.75%), cyfluthrin (0.15%) and lambdacyhalothrin (0.05%). This study shows there is no evidence of altered susceptibility to insecticides in the RIDL strain compared to a WT strain of Ae. aegypti.
Description: Dengue Bulletin. 2009 Dec; 33: 124-129
Keywords: Aedes Aegypti
Transgenic Ae. Aegypti
RIDL Ae. Aegypti
ISSN: 0250-8362
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