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Title: 18a. Sesión de la Conferencia Sanitaria Panamericana
18th Session of the Pan American Health Conference
Authors: Pan American Health Organization
Issue Date: 1970
Publisher: PAHO
Washington, D.C
Language: English
Abstract: CSP18 Complete set of documents. CSP 18/1 Agenda. CSP18/2 Election of the Director of the PAHO, and nomination. CSP18/3 Selection of the topic for the technical discussions. CSP18/4 Amendments to the staff rules of the PASB Bureau (1966-1969). CSP18/5 Election of three member governments to the Executive CSP18.R5 Annual Report of the Director of the Pan Amencan Sanitary. CSP18/6 Amendments to the rules of procedure of the PSC. CSP18/7 Report on the status of malaria eradication. CSP18/8 PAHO Award for Administration. CSP18/9 Smallpox eradication. CSP18/I0 Man-Environment relationships. CSP18/11 Third Inter-American meeting, at the ministerial level, on foot-and-mouth disease and zoonoses control. CSP18/12 Control of cigarette. CSP18/13 Aedes Aegypti Organization for the Americas. CSP18/14 Financial report of the Director and report of the External Auditor for 1969. CSP18/15 Annual report of the Chairman of the Executive Committee. CSP18/16 Long term planning and evaluation. CSP18/17 Proposed program and budget estimates of the PAHO for 1971. CSP18/18 Resolutions of the WHO of interest to the Regional Meeting of the Directing Council, XXII Meeting of the Regional Committee. CSP18/19 WHO regular budget for the region of the Americas for 1971. CSP 18/20 Preparation of the proposed program and budget estimates of the WHO for the region of the Americas for 1973. CSP18/21 Health legislation. CSP18/22 Multinational Centers. CSP18/23 Report of the collection of quota contributions. CSP18/24 Assistance for the medical rehabilitation area. CSP18/25 Provisional draft of the proposed program and budget estimates of the PAHO for 1972. CSP18/26 Assistance in the event of disaster exceeding the operation capacity of the affected country. CSP18/27 Long-term financial indicators. CSP18/28 General program of work of the PAHO/WHO for the for period 1973-77. CSP18/29 Financing of the program of textbooks for medical students PAHEF. CSP18/30 List of participants. CSP18/31 Rules of procedure of the PSC. CSPI 8/45 Final report. CSP18/DT/1 Venereal disease as a national and international health problem. CSPI 8/DT/2 The teaching of the venereal diseases in medical schools. CSPI8/DT/3 Economic impact of venereal disease. CSPI 8/DT/4 The essential elements ora syphilis control program. CSP18/DT/5 Worldwide epidemiological trends in syphilis and gonorrhea. CSP18/DT/6 Gonorrhea control problems. CSP18/DT/7 Psychological, social, and cultural aspects of venereal disease. CSP18/DT/8 Report of the Rapporteur. CSP18/32-53 Minutes: Plenary Sessions, Committees I and II.
Keywords: CSP18
Conferência Sanitária Pan-Americana
Conferencia Sanitaria Panamericana
Pan American Sanitary Conference
Gov't Doc #: CSP18
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