22th Session of the Regional Committee (‎Washington, D.C., Sep.28- Oct. 8, 1970)‎

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  • 18a. Sesión de la Conferencia Sanitaria Panamericana 

    Pan American Health Organization (‎CSP18, 1970)‎
    CSP18 Complete set of documents. CSP 18/1 Agenda. CSP18/2 Election of the Director of the PAHO, and nomination. CSP18/3 Selection of the topic for the technical discussions. CSP18/4 Amendments to the staff rules of the PASB Bureau (‎1966-1969)‎. CSP18/5 Election of three member governments to the Executive CSP18.R5 Annual Report of the Director of the Pan Amencan Sanitary. CSP18/6 Amendments to the rules of procedure of the PSC. CSP18/7 Report on the status of malaria eradication. CSP18/8 PAHO Award for Administration. CSP18/9 Smallpox eradication. ...