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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
AFR_RC6_R17_eng.pdf.jpg1956Having considered resolution WHA9.301 and the document AFR/RC6/7.Regional Committee for Africa, 6AFR/RC6/R17
AFR_RC6_R4_eng.pdf.jpg1956TAKES NOTE with satisfaction of resolution WHA9.82 and EXPRESSES congratulations to the Representative of Sierra Leone.Regional Committee for Africa, 6AFR/RC6/R4
AFR_RC6_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1956TAKES NOT with satisfaction of resolution WHA9.61 and EXPRESSES congratulations to the Representative of the Gold Coast.Regional Committee for Africa, 6AFR/RC6/R2
AFR_RC6_R3_eng.pdf.jpg1956TAKES NOTE with satisfaction of resolution WHA9.71 and EXPRESSES congratulations to the Representative of the Federation of Nigeria.Regional Committee for Africa, 6AFR/RC6/R3
AFR_RC10_R12_eng.pdf.jpg1960Considering the particular situation which has arisen in respect of several Associate Members in the Region by reason of their accession to independence between the date of the Thirteenth World Health Assembly and the present session of the Regional Committee.Regional Committee for Africa, 10AFR/RC10/R12
AFR_RC9_R1_eng.pdf.jpg19591958 - 1959Regional Committee for Africa, 9AFR/RC9/R1
AFR_RC3_R4_eng.pdf.jpg1953RECOMMENDS that the Regional Director will in future include in his report any items of projects in which he considers there is a possibility of joint action.Regional Committee for Africa, 3AFR/RC3/R4
AFR_RC28_R4_eng.pdf.jpg1978Noting with interest and satisfaction OAU resolution CM/Res 651(XXXI) adopted by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government, in Khartoum, in 1978.Regional Committee for Africa, 28AFR/RC28/R4
AFR_RC28_R4_fra.pdf.jpg1978Ayant pris connaissance avec intérêt et satisfaction de la résolution CM/Res. 651 (XXXI) adoptée par l’Assemblée des Chefs d’Etat et de Gouvernement de l’OUA, en 1978 à Khartoum.Comité régional de l'Afrique, 28AFR/RC28/R4
AFR_RC11_R22_eng.pdf.jpg1961Considering that health is an essential component of economic and social development.Regional Committee for Africa, 11AFR/RC11/R22

Results 1-10 of 48.