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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
AFR_RC31_D9_eng.pdf.jpg1981Subjects for study in 1982 by the TCDC working groupsRegional Committee for Africa, 31AFR/RC31/D9
AFR_RC31_D10_eng.pdf.jpg1981Renewal of membership of the Standing Committee on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC)Regional Committee for Africa, 31AFR/RC31/D10
AFR_RC30_R15_eng.pdf.jpg1980Considering the report of the Standing Committee on TCDC submitted to the Regional Committee at its thirtieth session.Regional Committee for Africa, 30AFR/RC30/R15
AFR_RC30_R18_eng.pdf.jpg1980Prevention of blindnessRegional Committee for Africa, 30AFR/RC30/R18
AFR_RC30_R14_eng.pdf.jpg1980Having considered the Regional Director’s report on measures taken to implement resolutions WHA33.33 and WHA33.34 concerning, respectively, “Assistance to front-line States” and “ Assistance to the Republic of Zimbabwe”.Regional Committee for Africa, 30AFR/RC30/R14
AFR_RC30_R19_eng.pdf.jpg1980Considering the gravity of the health situation existing in Chad at the present time.Regional Committee for Africa, 30AFR/RC30/R19
AFR_RC30_R13_eng.pdf.jpg1980Having examined document DGO/80.3 and the report Director1 on that subject.Regional Committee for Africa, 30AFR/RC30/R13
AFR_RC33_R6_eng.pdf.jpg1983Reports on visits by Member States to other countries of the Region in accordance with Decision 9 taken at the thirtieth session of the regional Committee.Regional Committee for Africa, 33AFR/RC33/R6
AFR_RC33_R4_eng.pdf.jpg1983Referring to resolutions WHA35.23 and AFR/RC32/R7 by which the member States approved the plan of action for implementing national and regional strategies.Regional Committee for Africa, 33AFR/RC33/R4
AFR_RC32_D10_eng.pdf.jpg1982Subjects for study by the TCDC working groups in 1983-1984Regional Committee for Africa, 32AFR/RC32/D10

Results 31-40 of 279.