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Title: SEA/RC63/4 - Matters relating to Programme Development and Management: Part I - Implementation of workplans for Programme Budget 2010-2011
Authors: World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2010
Publisher: WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia
Place of publication: New Delhi
Language: English
Abstract: The document (SEA/RC63/4) provides the status of implementation of workplans for Programme Budget 2010-2011. The Sixty-second World Health Assembly in May 2009 approved the budget ceiling of US$ 544.5 million for WHO South-East Asia (SEA) Region. The budget comprised US$ 102.3 million from Assessed Contributions (AC) and US$ 442.2 million from Voluntary Contributions (VC). The approved budget of US$ 544.5 million represents a 10.8% increase over the approved PB2008-2009 and a 5.8% decrease compared with the closing gross budget for the 2008-2009 biennium. The actual operational budget approved by the Director-General for 2010-2011 (as of 30 May 2010) stands at US$ 500 million, against the final allocation of US$ 539.9 million for the 2008-2009 biennium. During the last biennium, the Region could mobilize about 79% VC and implement 67% of the operational budget. Thus, in the context of the present global economic scenario, it is estimated that VC for the PB 2010-2011 would be between US$ 340 million and US$ 370 million. Additionally, efforts need to be made to address the uneven distribution of VC funds across WHO strategic objective and countries. Implementation in 2010-2011 will need to be enhanced in order to ensure delivery of the expected results. An adequate core technical and administrative capacity of WHO offices is critical to successful implementation of VC that continue to increase. The Third Meeting of the Subcommittee on Policy and Programme Development and Management (SPPDM) reviewed the implementation of workplans for Programme Budget 2010-2011, and provided its observation and recommendations as follows: The SPPDM recommended that the Sixty-third Session of the Regional Committee should take note of the report of implementation of workplans for PB 2010-2011 and consider the following recommendations: Actions by Member States (1) With support from WHO, the capacity of Member States should be strengthened for effective planning and implementation. (2) Countries should put more emphasis on accelerating the implementation rate of VC. Actions by WHO-SEARO (1) Programme managers throughout the Region should explore sharing of resources as a mechanism to channel donor funding to relevant areas with common themes. (2) WHO should continue to support the training and capacity-building activities within the Region to enhance capacity with respect to the management of VC, within the new managerial environment using GSM. (3) Efforts should be undertaken to facilitate communication and information sharing within the Region to ensure, inter alia, focus of delivery, coherence of programming and avoidance of duplication of activities both in WHO and in Member States. The working paper and the SPPDM recommendations based on it are submitted to the Sixty-third Session of the Regional Committee for its consideration.
Gov't Doc #: SEA/RC63/4
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