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Title: Matters Relating to Programme Development and Management : Preparation for Programme Budget 2010-2011 Including Implementation of RC61 Resolution And Discussions on Impact of Global Financial Crisis.
Authors: World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East-Asia
Issue Date: 29-Jun-2009
Publisher: New Delhi: WHO Regional Office for Sourth-East-Asia
Language: English
Abstract: The Programme Budget for 2010-2011 was finalized over the last year, following up on the recommendations of the First Meeting of the Subcommittee on Policy and Programme Development and Management (SPPDM) and the Sixty-first session of the Regional Committee. Because of the current financial crisis and the recommendations of the 124th session of the Executive Board, the Director-General decided to request a reduction in the proposed budget. The SEA Region’s proposed budget was reduced by US$ 60 million to US$ 544.5 million, although this still represents an 11% increase over the 2008-2009 budget. While Assessed Contributions (AC) decreased by 1.5%, the budget for Voluntary Contributions (VC) rose by 14%, thus increasing the proportion of VC funding to 81% of the total budget. The reductions in the proposed budget were not evenly distributed across the Strategic Objectives (SOs), with the largest reductions being effected in the area of communicable diseases that still form 48% of the total budget of the Region. This was largely due to the Member States requesting further support for Strategic Objectives related to the Millennium Development Goals and noncommunicable diseases. The paper discusses the current situation of VC in respect of the SEA Region and notes that there is still a tendency for donors to support the communicable diseases programmes. This makes it especially difficult for the Region to mobilize resources for other programme areas, a challenge to achieve full funding for the budgets of all SOs. Some progress has been made in following up on resolution SEA/RC61/R2, adopted at the Sixty-first session of the Regional Committee. This includes requests for additional AC and VC funding for those programme areas where resource mobilization has been difficult. The resolution also requests further attention on the measurement of programme achievements, using the results to improve implementation. Steps have been taken to improve accountability and these will be reflected in the Region’s workplans for the 2010-2011 biennium. More AC funding has been provided to support country offices and this is likely to ensure improved implementation of WHO-supported work in countries. The SPPDM is requested to review these developments related to the 2010-2011 Programme Budget and make recommendations for consideration of the Sixty-second Session of the Regional Committee.
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