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Title: Guiding principles and options for accelerated extension of wastewater management services to small communities in EMR countries
Authors: World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
Issue Date: 2001
Language: English
Abstract: This document is the main output of CEHA's Technical Expert Consultation on Innovative Wastewater Management for Small Communities in the Eastern Mediterranean Countries which was held in Amman 6-9 November 2000. The following is the executive summary of the document. Accelerated extension of wastewater management services to small communities in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) is essential to address serious concerns over water scarcity, pollution and protection of public health. Wastewater services must be developed to deliver the following benefits: Protect public health and well being of the communities: Meet the increasing demand for convenience; Protect the scarce water resources and the household and community environment from pollution; and Alleviate the pressure on the scarce freshwater resources by maximizing reuse opportunities. The costly and water intensive centralized wastewater management systems are inappropriate for small communities. The introduction of centralized wastewater systems in small communities in EMR can not be justified for the following important reasons: Centralized wastewater systems aggravate the water crisis. Centralized wastewater systems use excessive amounts of water to transport excreta; and Centralized wastewater systems are costly and unaffordable especially in small communities. Money and water are not available in EMR countries to provide centralized wastewater systems to small communities. Accordingly the needs will remain unmet and pollution will continue to consume the scarce freshwater resources. To facilitate accelerated and environmentally responsible development of wastewater services to small communities in EMR countries, the consultation recommends shifting from the centralized wastewater management approach to a more appropriate approach that responsive to the needs and conditions in EMR' s small communities. The recommended approach provides wastewater services that are: Robust, efficient and equally convenient; Cost effective; and Environmentally responsible and responsive to the water scarcity
Description: 36 p. ; 30 cm.
Keywords: Waste Management
Waste Disposal, Fluid
Subject: Water Supply
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