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Title: Inhibition of luminol-dependent chemiluminescence of human granulocytes by low doses of inorganic mercury
Authors: Al Hashimi, A.H.M.
Mohammad, F.H.
Al Krawi, E.A. Abbass
Issue Date: 2000
Language: English
Abstract: HgCl2, added in vitro to human granulocytes in whole blood, caused a marked inhibitory effect on the luminol-dependent chemiluminescence induced by BaS04 crystals in suspension of these cells. The effect was both dose- and time-dependent when BaS04 was used to stimulate the oxidative burst in granulocytes. Incubation with the highest concentration of HgCl2 used [10 mmol/L], however, did not cause disruption of the membranes of granulocytes. The effect of HgCl2 on the granulocytes was irreversible following washing of the HgCl2-treated cells with phosphate buffered saline. HgCl2 did not affect chemiluminescence produced when luminol was excited by oxidative hydrogen peroxide in a cell-free medium. These results suggest that some of the toxicity of HgCl2 may be greater than mediated by an action on the phagocytic immune system
Description: 425-431
Keywords: Granulocytes
Mercury Compounds
Subject: Mercuric Chloride
ISSN: 1020-3397
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