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Title: Vertical strabismus cases and their surgical outcome in Yazd, Islamic Republic of Iran
Authors: Besharati, M.R.
Mahdavi, M.
Ghasemi, N.
Issue Date: 2012
Language: English
Abstract: Early diagnosis and management of strabismus is needed to avoid complications such as amblyopia. In this retrospective cohort study we reviewed the profile and surgical outcome of vertical strabismus patients attending a clinic in Yazd city in the Islamic Republic of Iran. From the medical files of 265 patients, 19.2% were found to have pure vertical deviation and 80.8% had combined horizontal and vertical strabismus. Congenital causes were recorded for 83.0% of cases and 24.9% had a family history of strabismus. Hypertropia [91.7%] was more common than hypotropia [8.3%]. There was a statistically significant relationship between age at onset and vertical strabismus. Female patients had a higher rate of congenital vertical strabismus than did male patients. There was no significant association between surgery outcomes and sex or age of onset of strabismus. Early diagnosis and management in affected families and screening of patients with strabismus family history is needed
Description: 137 - 142
Keywords: Treatment Outcome
Retrospective Studies
Cohort Studies
Subject: Strabismus
ISSN: 1020-3397
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