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Title: Schistosomiasis of the spinal cord: report of 5 cases from Sudan
Authors: Salim, A.D.
Arbab, M A.
El Hassan, L.A.
El Hassan, A.M.
Issue Date: 2012
Language: English
Abstract: Schistosomiasis of the spinal cord is an uncommon but potentially curable form of schistosomiasis, if diagnosed and managed early. The spinal cord is more frequently affected in Schistosomo mansoni or S. hoemotobium infections. This paper describes the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and management of schistosomiasis of the spinal cord in 5 patients attending Shaab and Ibn Khuldoun Hospitals, Khartoum from 1997 to 2007. There were 4 males and 1 female aged 9-45 years. They presented with symptoms and signs due to cord compression at the lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. Imaging studies revealed intramedullary masses compressing the cord. Biopsy showed ova of 5. mansoni with surrounding inflammatory reaction. The cord showed demyelination nearthe ova and an associated inflammatory reaction. Patients responded well to surgical decompression and treatment with praziquantel and oral steroids
Description: 294-297
Keywords: Neuroschistosomiasis
Spinal Cord
Spinal Cord
Subject: Neuroschistosomiasis
ISSN: 1020-3397
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