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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
EB5_34_eng.pdf.jpg1949Position of Office international d'Hygiène publique and related questions of OIHP/WHO study groupsExecutive Board, 5EB5/34; EB5/34 Add.1; EB5/34 Add.2
EB5_14_eng.pdf.jpg1949Programme of work covering a specific periodExecutive Board, 5EB5/14; EB5/14 Adds.1-4; EB5/14 Add.4 Rev.1
EB5_33_eng.pdf.jpg1949Action taken by certain states with regard to membership of WHOExecutive Board, 5EB5/33
EB5_45_eng.pdf.jpg1949Measures taken by the government of the People's Republic of Bulgaria concerning its membership of the World Health OrganizationExecutive Board, 5EB5/45
EB5_103_eng.pdf.jpg1950Report of the United Nations advisory committee on administrative and budgetary questions on the budget of the World Health Organization for 1950Executive Board, 5EB5/103; EB5/103 Corr.1
EB5_75_eng.pdf.jpg1950Present administrative arrangements in the WHO secretariat in the field of statisticsExecutive Board, 5EB5/76
EB5_AF-1_eng.pdf.jpg1950Introduction: part I: history of functional development and the statement of the basic principles applied by the Director-General in planning the administration and organization of WHO: report of the Director-General to the Standing Committee on Administration and FinanceExecutive Board, 5EB5/AF/1; EB5/AF/1 Add.1
EB5_AF-2_eng.pdf.jpg1950Standing Committee on Administration and Finance: policies and procedures governing functions of regional officesExecutive Board, 5EB5/AF/2
EB5_14_fre.pdf.jpg1949Programme de travail pour une période déterminéeConseil exécutif, 5EB5/14; EB5/14 Adds.1-4; EB5/14 Add.4 Rev.1
EB5_103_fre.pdf.jpg1950Rapport du Comité consultatif des Nations unies pour les questions administratives et budgétaires au sujet du budget de l'Organisation mondiale de la Santé pour 1950Conseil exécutif, 5EB5/103; EB5/103 Corr.1

Results 1-10 of 16.