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标题: Good practice in occupational health services : a contribution to workplace health
作者: World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe
发表日期: 2002
出版人: Copenhagen : WHO Regional Office for Europe
语言: 英文
提要: This publication provides guidance for good practice in performance of Occupational Health Services and for quality performance in contribution of occupational health professionals to occupational health objectives in client enterprises and organizations. It is written with the aim to address primarily the perspective of safety and health professionals and experts carrying responsibilities and tasks in enterprises and in organizations providing services to enterprises in European countries. This broad category includes occupational health physicians, and occupational nurses, physiotherapists and ergonomists, occupational hygienists, safety engineers, occupational psychologists and managers of occupational health service units or organizations. The guidance document is, however, also written with an eye on all those who purchase and use the services provided by occupational health services, i.e. their customers and clients, who have a legitimate interest in seeking services of adequate quality and cost-effectiveness and service providers delivering services needed
描述: EUR/02/5041181
80 p.
主题: Occupational Health Services
Guidelines as Topic
Health Personnel
范围: organization and administration standards
政府文件号: EUR/02/5041181
网址: http://www.who.int/iris/handle/10665/107448
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