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Titre: Fifth meeting of the European national counterparts for the WHO European Mental Health Programme : report on a WHO meeting, Bucharest, Romania 4-6 April 2002
Auteurs: World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe
Date de publication: 2002
Editeur: Copenhagen : WHO Regional Office for Europe
Langue: anglais
Résumé: The mental health programme of the Regional Office has established a network of mental health professionals in the Member States, who have provided the necessary liaison between the Regional Adviser for Mental Health in the Regional Office and the mental health services in the countries. These counterparts have been officially nominated by their ministries of health and often work in the ministry or are the most senior government mental health professionals. The network meets twice yearly in a different location and, at each meeting, the host country is invited to start by presenting its mental health situation. In April 2002 the network met for the first time in a central and eastern European country, Romania. Counterparts from 30 countries were present, together with temporary advisers and invited speakers, representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Health and Family, and representatives of various nongovernmental organizations active in the field of mental health. The counterparts discussed the Romanian mental health situation and gave feedback to the representatives of the Romanian Government. They also presented the mental health situation in their own countries and discussed in working groups as well as in plenary sessions topics such as deinstitutionalization, community care development, legislation, reform of psychiatric structures, destigmatization and compulsory care
Description: EUR/02/5035055
48 p.
Legislation, Health
Context: organization and administration
metadata.dc.subject.other: Mental Health and Mental Disorders
No publ. gouv.: EUR/02/5035055
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