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标题: Assuring availability of opioid analgesics for palliative care : report on a WHO workshop, Budapest, Hungary 25-27 February 2002
作者: World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe
发表日期: 2002
出版人: Copenhagen : WHO Regional Office for Europe
语言: 英文
提要: Regulatory problems in making opioid analgesics available and a series of policy and professional barriers often prevent proper treatment for people who suffer from severe pain. Over 40 experts from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, along with experts from WHO and other organizations, attended the Workshop to evaluate national policies for opioid control and to develop action plans to improve the availability of these drugs for palliative care in their countries. The participants discussed the changes that might need to be made in laws and regulations or drug distribution to achieve this goal. They recognized the need to balance the regulatory requirements for control with the need to make opioids accessible for appropriate pain relief. The participants urged governments to ensure the accessibility of opioids for their population while complying with all international regulatory obligations
描述: EUR/02/5037079
Analgesics, Opioid
Palliative Care
Europe, Eastern
范围: drug therapy
distribution and supply
政府文件号: EUR/02/5037079
网址: http://www.who.int/iris/handle/10665/107426
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