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WHO_RHR_HRP_ITT_99.2.pdf.jpg1999Abortion in Viet Nam : an assessment of policy, programme and research issuesFajans, Peter; Ross, Gabrielle; World Health Organization; UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human ReproductionWHO/RHR/HRP/ITT/99.2
a53898_eng.pdf.jpg1971Abortion laws : a survey of current world legislationWorld Health Organization-
9241693037.pdf.jpg1979Abortion laws in Commonwealth countries / by Rebecca J. Cook, Bernard M. DickensCook, Rebecca J; Dickens, Bernard M; World Health Organization-
WHO_TRS_461_spa.pdf.jpg1970Aborto espont'aneo y provocado : informe de un Grupo Cient'ifico de la OMS [se reuni'o en Ginebra del 10 al 14 de noviembre de 1969]WHO Scientific Group on Spontaneous and Induced Abortion; World Health Organization-
WHO_TRS_623_spa.pdf.jpg1978Aborto provocado : informe de un Grupo Cient'ifico de la OMS [se reuni'o en Ginebra del 14 al 18 de noviembre de 1977]WHO Scientific Group on Induced Abortion; World Health Organization-
9789243548432_spa.pdf.jpg2012Aborto sin riesgos : guía técnica y de políticas para sistemas de saludOrganización Mundial de la Salud-
9275324824_spa.pdf.jpg2003Aborto sin riesgos : guía técnica y de politicas para sistemas de saludWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Reproductive Health and Research-
2000Abortos sin riesgo : un componente indispensable de las políticas y prácticas adecuadas de salud pública / M. BererBerer, Marge-
1996Above all it is a spiritual matter : a view from India : discussion / Pradip BhattacharyaBhattacharya, Pradip-
WHO_NMH_NPH_01.3_spa.pdf.jpg2001El Abrazo mundial : manualWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Health PromotionWHO/NMH/NPH/01.3
1979Abrégé de codification des tumeurs figurant dans la classification histologique internationale des tumeurs / groupe de rédaction, L. H. Sobin ... [et al.]Sobin, Leslie H; Thomas, Louis B; Percy, Constance; Henson, Donald Earl; World Health Organization-
em_rc48_brias_en.pdf.jpg2001A brief account on the health services provided to the guests of Al-Rahman-pilgrimsduring the hajj-pilgrimage seasonWorld Health Organization-
EB23_WP-7_eng.pdf.jpg1959A brief survey of the WHO programmes in radiation and isotopesExecutive Board, 23EB23/WP/7
emhj_1998_4_2_319_323.pdf.jpg1998Abruptio placentae: perinatal out come in normotensive and hypertensive patients in Basra, IraqSharief, M.; Manther, A.A.-
bulletin_1997_75(5)_389-395.pdf.jpg1997The Absence of adult mortality data for sub-Saharan Africa : a practical solution / J. S. Kaufman ... [et al.]Asuzu, M. C; Johnson, O. O; Owoaje, E. E; Rotimi, C. N; Kaufman, J. S; Cooper, R. S-
bulletin_1987_65(5)_607-613.pdf.jpg1987Absence of association between Plasmodium falciparum malaria and human immunodeficiency virus infection children in Kinshasa, Zaire / P. Nguyen-Dinh ... [et al.]Nguyen-Dinh, P; Greenberg, A. E; Mann, Jonathan M; Kabote, N; Francis, H; Colebunders, L; Huong, A. Y; Quinn, Thomas C; Davachi, F; Lyamba, B; Kalemba, K; Embonga, B-
16_10_2010_1059_1063.pdf.jpg2010Absence of lymphatic filariasis infection among secondary-school children in OmanAl Awaidy, S.T.; Bawikar, S.; Patel, P.K.; Kurup, P.; Sonal, G.S.; Al Mahrooqi, S.; Ramzy, R.-
WHA4_34_eng.pdf.jpg1951Absentee members of the Executive BoardWorld Health Assembly, 4A4/34
bulletin_1986_64(5)_721-724.pdf.jpg1986Absorption of vitamin A by children with diarrhoea during treatment with oral rehydration salt solution / V. Reddy ... [et al.]Reddy, V; Raghuramulu, N; Arunjyoti; Shivaprakash, M; Underwood, Barbara A-
sea_rpd_mal.meet.2.Pdf.jpg1977Abstract of report to the Regional Director on research study group meeting on malaria, SEARO, 9-16 February 1977World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia-
Showing results 931 to 950 of 100916