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WHO_TB_97.232.pdf.jpg1997Standardization of district-based packages of care for the management of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases among youth and adults : background paper / by Antonio Pio, Pierre Chaulet; edited by Mario Raviglione, Christy Hanson, Robert ScherpbierPio, Antonio; Chaulet, Pierre; Raviglione, Mario C; Hanson, Christy; Scherpbier, Robert; WHO Global Tuberculosis ProgrammeWHO/TB/97.232
1996Standardization of health relief items needed in the early phase of emergencies / R. GrayGray, R-
1987Standardization of interferons : report of a WHO informal consultation, 23-25 March 1987World Health Organization. Biologicals Unit; WHO Informal Consultation on the Standardization of Interferons (1987 : Geneva)BS/87.1552. Unpublished
WHO_V_and_B_01.35.pdf.jpg2001Standardization of interpretation of chest radiographs for the diagnosis of pneumonia in children / World Health Organization Pneumonia Vaccine Trial Investigators' GroupWorld Health Organization. Pneumonia Vaccine Trial Investigators' Group; World Health Organization. Dept. of Vaccines and BiologicalsWHO/V&B/01.35
EB13_44_eng.pdf.jpg1953Standardization of laboratory tests of foodExecutive Board, 13EB13/44
WHA6.16_eng.pdf.jpg1953Standardization of laboratory tests of foodsWorld Health Assembly, 6WHA6.16
EB13R47_eng.pdf.jpg1954Standardization of laboratory tests of foodsExecutive Board, 13EB13.R47
WHO_TRS_210.pdf.jpg1961Standardization of methods for conducting microbic sensitivity tests : second report of the Expert Committee on Antibiotics [meeting held in Geneva from 11 to 16 July 1960]World Health Organization. Expert Committee on Antibiotics; World Health Organization-
WHO_TRS_366.pdf.jpg1967Standardization of procedures for the study of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase : report of a WHO Scientific Group [meeting held in Geneva from 5 to 10 December 1966]WHO Scientific Group on the Standardization of Procedures for the Study of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase; World Health Organization-
WHO_TRS_242.pdf.jpg1962Standardization of reporting of dental diseases and conditions : report of an Expert Committee on Dental Health [meeting held in Geneva from 14 to 20 November 1961]WHO Expert Committee on Dental Health; World Health Organization-
80_125-132(No14).pdf.jpg2005Standardization of the nomenclature for genetic characteristics of wild-type rubella viruses--
1985Standardization of tuberculins and similar preparationsInformal Consultation on the Standardization of Tuberculins and the Requirements for BCG Vaccine (1985: Geneva, Switzerland); World Health Organization. Biologicals Unit; WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (1985 : Geneva, Switzerland)WHO/BS/85.1461. Unpublished
bulletin_2005_83(5)_353-359.pdf.jpg2005Standardized interpretation of paediatric chest radiographs for the diagnosis of pneumonia in epidemiological studies / Thomas Cherian .... [et al.]Cherian, Thomas; Mulholland, E. Kim; Carlin, John B; Ostensen, Harald; Amin, Ruhul; Campo, Margaret de; Greenberg, David; Lagos, Rosanna; Lucero, Marilla; Madhi, Shabir A; O'Brien, Katherine L; Obaro, Steven; Steinhoff, Mark K; WHO Radiology Working Group-
LAB_86.1.pdf.jpg1986Standardized Romanowsky staining of blood and bone marrow films / prepared on behalf of the World Health Organization by S. M. LewisLewis, Shirley Mitchell; World Health Organization. Health Laboratory Technology UnitLAB/86.1
WHO_CDS_EPR_2007.3_eng.pdf.jpg2007Standardized treatment of bacterial meningitis in Africa in epidemic and non epidemic situationsWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and ResponseWHO/CDS/EPR/2007.3
bulletin_1996_74(5)_501-507.pdf.jpg1996Standard management of acute respiratory infections in a children's hospital in Pakistan : impact on antibiotic use and case fatality / S. A. Qazi, G. N. Rehman, & M. A. KhanQazi, S. A; Rehman, G. N; Khan, M. A-
9789241503907_eng.pdf.jpg2014Standard operating procedure for determination of nicotine in cigarette tobacco fillerWorld Health Organization; WHO Tobacco Free Initiative-
9789241506663_eng.pdf.jpg2014Standard operating procedure for determination of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in mainstream cigarette smoke under ISO and intense smoking conditionsWorld Health OrganizationWHO TobLabNet Official Method SOP 03
9789241503891_eng.pdf.jpg2012Standard operating procedure for intense smoking of cigarettesWorld Health Organization; WHO Tobacco Free Initiative-
TDR_TDP_SOP_99.1.pdf.jpg1999Standard operating procedures for clinical investigators / Juntra Karbwang and Claire PattouKarbwang, Juntra; Pattou, Claire; UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical DiseasesTDR/TDP/SOP/99.1
Showing results 80258 to 80277 of 108172