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bulletin_1993_71(6)_755-758.pdf.jpg1993Prevalence of depigmentation of the shins : a simple and cheap way to screen for severe endemic onchocerciasis in Africa / B. Carme ... [et al.]Carme, B; Ntsoumou-Madzou, V; Samba, Y; Yebakima, A-
EMHJ_2013_19_5_435_440.pdf.jpg2013Prevalence of depression and associated factors among elderly Sudanese: a household survey in Khartoum StateAssil, S.M.; Zeidan , Z.A.-
emhj_1996_2_2_274_282.pdf.jpg1996Prevalence of diabetes mellitus among Bahrainis attending primary health care centresAl Zurba, F.I.; Al Garf, A.-
EMHJ_2000_6_5-6_1039_1045.pdf.jpg2000Prevalence of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance in a rural Palestinian populationHusseini, A.-
emhj_2003_9_1_2_55_60.pdf.jpg2003Prevalence of endocrine complications in beta-thalassaemia major in the Islamic Republic of IranShahriari, M.; Sadjadian, N.-
bulletin_1996_74(4)_361-367.pdf.jpg1996The prevalence of epilepsy follows the distribution of onchocerciasis in a West Ugandan focus / C. Kaiser ... [et al.]Kaiser, C; Kipp, W; Asaba, G; Mugisa, C; Kabagambe, G; Rating, D; Leichsenring, M-
15_6_2009_1483_1488.pdf.jpg2009Prevalence of factor V Leiden mutation in patients with thrombosis in TunisiaAjem, A.; Slama, A.; Slama, F.B.H.; Mehjoub, T.-
EMHJ_2013_19_5_474_477.pdf.jpg2013Prevalence of food contamination with Listeria spp. in Kermanshah, Islamic Republic of IranAkya, A.; Najafi, F.; Moradi, J.; Mohebi, Z.; Adabagher, S.-
14_6_2008_1333_1337.pdf.jpg2008Prevalence of genital chlamydia in Iranian males with urethritis attending clinics in MashhadGhanaat, J.; Afshari, J.T.; Ghazvini, K.; Malvandi, M.-
emhj_1996_2_2_268_273.pdf.jpg1996Prevalence of gestational diabetes and pregnancy outcome in PakistanJawad, F.; Irshad uddin, P-
14_4_2008_0978_0979.pdf.jpg2008Prevalence of glucose-6-phospahte dehydrogenase deficiency among schoolboys in Kermanshah, Islamic Republic of IranRahini, Z.; Raygani, A.V.; Siabani, S.; Mozafari, H.; Nagel, R.L.; Muniz, A.-
81(1)28-34.pdf.jpg2003Prevalence of goitre and urinary iodine status of primary-school children in Lesotho / Masekonyela Linono Damane Sebotsa ... [et al.]Sebotsa, Masekonyela Linono Damane; Dannhauser, Andre; Jooste, Pieter L; Joubert, Gina-
12_3-4_2006_264_269.pdf.jpg2006Prevalence of HCV/HIV co-infection among haemophilia patients in BaghdadAl Kubaisy, W.A.; Al Naib, K.T.; Habib, M.A.-
12_5_2006_562_565.pdf.jpg2006Prevalence of helminth ova in soil samples from public places in ShirazMotazedian, H.; Mehrabani, D.; Tabatabaee, S.H.R.; Pakniat, A.; Tavalali, M.-
20 Letter to the Editor.pdf.jpg2010Prevalence of helminth ova soil samples from public places in ShirazZibaei, M.; Sadjjadi, S.M.-
13_5_2007_1108_1113.pdf.jpg2007Prevalence of hepatitis A IgG in individuals with chronic hepatitis B infection in BabolRoushan, M.R.H.; Bijani, A.; Sagheb, R.; Jazayeri, O.-
17_10_2011_0759_0762.pdf.jpg2011Prevalence of hepatitis B and C among students of health colleges in Saudi ArabiaAl Ajlan, A.-
18_6_2012_0624_0629.pdf.jpg2012Prevalence of hepatitis B and C infections and associated factors among blood donors in Aden city, YemenAl Waleedi, A.A.; Khader, Y.S.-
16_S_2010_015_023.pdf.jpg2010Prevalence of hepatitis B and C viral infections in Pakistan: findings of a national survey appealing for effective prevention and control measuresQureshi, H.; Bile, K.M.; Jooma, R.; Alam, S.E.; Afrid, H.U.R.-
EMHJ_2013_19_7_589_599.pdf.jpg2013Prevalence of hepatitis B and C virus infections and their related risk factors in Libya: a national seroepidemiological surveyElzouki, A.N.; Smeo, M.N.; Sammud, M.; Elahmer, O.; Daw, M.; Furarah, A.; Abudher, A.; Mohamed, M.K.-
Showing results 78726 to 78745 of 141703