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em_rc9_b_tech_disc_9_en.pdf.jpg1959Technical discussions-sub-committee B. Poliomyelitis. Preventive immunization against poliomyelitis in the Middle East and its problemsWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC9B/Tech.Disc./9; Agenda item 17
em_rc9_b_tech_disc_6_en.pdf.jpg1959Technical discussions-sub-committee B. Poliomyelitis. Problems of rehabilitation regarding children handicapped by poliomyelitisWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC9B/Tech.Disc./6; Agenda item 17
em_rc9_b_tech_disc_10_en.pdf.jpg1959Technical discussions-sub-committee B. Poliomyelitis. The early treatment and problemsWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC9B/Tech.Disc./10; Agenda item 17
em_rc13_tech_disc_3_en.pdf.jpg1963Technical discussions-the hospital: modern concepts on structure and scopeWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC13/Tech.Disc./3; Agenda item 11
em_rc21_tech_disc_2_en.pdf.jpg1971Technical discussions. The integration of maternal and child health and family planning activities in the general health servicesWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC21/Tech.Disc./2; Agenda item 12
em_RC28_tech_disc_1_en.pdf.jpg1978Technical discussions: the present state of child health in the regionWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC28/Tech.Disc.1; Agenda item 13
em_rc13_tech_disc_5_en.pdf.jpg1963Technical discussions: the role of the modern hospital in the field of healthWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC13/Tech.Disc./5; Agenda item 11
em_rc22_tech_disc_2_en.pdf.jpg1972Technical discussions, the WHO fellowship programme in the Eastern Mediterranean RegionWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC22/Tech.Disc./2; Agenda item 11
em_rc10_tech_disc_2_en.pdf.jpg1960Technical discussions. Tuberculosis control with particular reference to domiciliary treatmentWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC10/Tech.Disc./2; Agenda item 12
em_rc10_tech_disc_3_en.pdf.jpg1960Technical discussions. Tuberculosis control with particular reference to domiciliary treatment: Information from GovernmentsWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC10/Tech.Disc./3; Agenda item 12
em_rc32_r14_en.pdf.jpg1985Technical discussions "water, sanitation and health"World Health OrganizationEM/RC32/R.14; Agenda item 14
em_rc32_Tech_Disc_1_en.pdf.jpg1985Technical discussions: "water, sanitation and health"World Health OrganizationEM/RC32/Tech.Disc.1; Agenda item 13
em_rc30_82_Tech_Disc_1_en.pdf.jpg1982Technical discussions: water, sanitation, and healthWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC30 [82]/Tech.Disc.1; Agenda item 14
em_rc30_81_Tech_Disc_1_en.pdf.jpg1981Technical discussions: water, sanitation, and healthWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC30 [81]/Tech.Disc.1; Agenda item 14
em_rc30_Tech_disc_1_en.pdf.jpg1980Technical discussions: water, sanitation, and healthWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC30/Tech.Disc.1; Agenda item 13
RC60_2013_Tech_Meet_FR_15120.pdf.jpg2013Technical event Global fund to fight AIDS, TB, and malariaWorld Health Organization-
RC60_2013_Tech_Meet_FR_15118.pdf.jpg2013Technical event independent expert review group of the accountability commission- launch of second report on maternal and child healthWorld Health Organization-
RC60_2013_Tech_Meet_FR_15116.pdf.jpg2013Technical event Regional initiative to end the HIV treatment crisis and launch of the report "accelerating HIV treatment"World Health Organization-
RC60_2013_Tech_Meet_FR_15113.pdf.jpg2013Technical event update on the support of the GAVI AllianceWorld Health Organization-
9789241596640_eng.pdf.jpg2008Technical expert group meeting on intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp), WHO headquarters, Geneva, 11-13 July 2007World Health Organization-
Showing results 78686 to 78705 of 102115