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924156184X_eng.pdf.jpg1997Tobacco or health : a global status reportWorld Health Organization-
1992Tobacco or health : a WHO programme / C. Chollat-TraquetChollat-Traquet, Claire M-
WHF_1988_9(1)_p78-83.pdf.jpg1988Tobacco or health : choose health / Halfdan MahlerMahler, Halfdan-
1993Tobacco or health : cigarette smoking among adults, 1991--
1992Tobacco or health : cigarette smoking among reproductive-aged women, United States of America--
WHO_PSA_96.5.pdf.jpg1996Tobacco or health : plan of action for 1988-1995 and plan of action for 1996-2000WHO Programme on Substance AbuseWHO/PSA/96.5. Unpublished
1992Tobacco or health : smoking among secondary school children in Paris--
1992Tobacco or health : smoking as a cause of cancer--
1991Tobacco or health : smoking-attributable mortality and potential years of life lost, United States of America--
1993Tobacco or health / Tapani Piha, Eefje Besselink and Alan D. LopezPiha, Tapani; Besselink, Eefje; Lopez, Alan D-
1992Tobacco or health : tobacco mortality, present and future--
bulletin_2005_83(9)_643.pdf.jpg2005Tobacco or oral health : Editorials / Jesper ReibelReibel, Jesper-
EMROPUB_2004_FR_843.pdf.jpg2004Tobacco package labelling and health warning systemsWorld Health OrganizationWHO-EM/TFI/083/E
24_1_2010.pdf.jpg2010Tobacco product regulation--
2000Tobacco product regulation : what can be achieved? : personal perspectives / T. YoshidaYoshida, T-
9789241500951_eng.pdf.jpg2011Tobacco questions for surveys: a subset of key questions from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS): global tobacco surveillance systemWorld Health Organization; Centers for Disease Control (U.S.)-
bu0013.pdf.jpg1999Tobacco smoking among Portuguese high-school students / A. Azevedo, A. P. Machado, and H. BarrosAzevedo, A; Machado, A. P; Barros, H-
EB53R31_eng.pdf.jpg1974Tobacco smoking and its effects on healthExecutive Board, 53EB53.R31
bulletin_2004_82(3)_213-218.pdf.jpg2003Tobacco smoking and oral clefts : a meta-analysis / Julian Little, Amanda Cardy and Ronald G. MungerLittle, Julian; Cardy, Amanda; Munger, Ronald G-
bulletin_2005_83(2)_146-153.pdf.jpg1950Tobacco smoking as a possible etiologic factor in bronchiogenic carcinoma : Public Health Classics / Ernest L. Wynder and Graham A. EvartsWynder, Ernest L; Evarts, Graham A-
Showing results 78686 to 78705 of 100915