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Other management issues
Executive Board, 105 ( 2000 )
"Other patients are really in need of medical attention" : the quality of health services for rape survivors in South Africa / N. J. Christofides .... [et al.]
Christofides, Nicola J; Jewkes, Rachel K; Webster, Naomi; Penn-Kekana, Loveday; Abrahams, Naeema; Martin, Lorna J ( 2005 )
Other resolutions of the World Health Assembly, of interest to the Regional Committee
Pan American Sanitary Organization ( 1957 )
Otras resoluciones de la Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, de interés para el Comité Regional
Organización Sanitaria Panamericana ( 1957 )
Otros asuntos administrativos
Consejo Ejecutivo, 105 ( 2000 )
Otros asuntos que según el Convenio deben ser examinados en la Conferencia de las Partes: elaboración de directrices para la aplicación del artículo 7 y del artículo 9, y elaboración de protocolos: nota de la Secretaría
Conferencia de las Partes en el Convenio Marco de la OMS para el Control del Tabaco, primera reunión ( 2006 )
Ottawa charter for health promotion
( 1987 )
Ou sont les patients dans la prise de décisions concernant leurs propres soins de santé ? / Angela Coulter, Suzanne Parsons et Janet Askham
Coulter, Angela; Parsons, Suzanne; Askham, Janet; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies; Health Evidence Network (HEN) ( 2008 )
L' Ouganda a-t-il besoin d' une politique de soins aux personnes âgées? [lettre] / L. A. Abongomera
Abongomera, L. A ( 1994 )
L' Ouganda face au péril sidéen / Marble Gillianne Magezi
Magezi, Marble Gillianne ( 1991 )
Our human genome : how can it serve us well? : editorial / Bob Williamson
Williamson, Bob ( 2001 )
Our planet, our health
World Health Organization ( 1989 )
Our planet, our health : report of the WHO Commission on Health and Environment
WHO Commission on Health and Environment; World Health Organization ( 1992 )
Out-of-pocket payments and health care utilization in Estonia, 2000–2012 (Eng).pdf.jpg
Out-of-pocket payments and health care utilization in Estonia, 2000–2012
Võrk, Andres; Saluse, Janek; Reinap, Marge; Habicht, Triin ( 2014 )

This paper analyses out-of-pocket payments, their impact on catastrophic expenditures and impoverishment in Estonia from 2000 to 2012. Microdata from the Estonian Household Surveys collected by Statistics Estonia were used, complemented by utilization data from other studies. Statistical and econometric methods were applied. The results show that out-of-pocket expenditures peaked in 2006 and dropped thereafter. The decline is explained by the relative increase of pensions during the crisis years, promotion of generic drugs and reduced utilization of health care, especially dental care. Analysis of income-related inequalities in health care financing and utilization continues to show that for those services that are more dependent on out-of-pocket payments, there were either more inequalities in utilization, clearly demonstrated in adult dental care, or there was more risk of being pushed into poverty, such as in the case of spending on prescription and over-the-counter drugs by pensioners. Compared to previous studies, the impact of drug purchases on catastrophic expenditure has declined, which may be explained by both the changing attitudes towards cheaper drugs and increasing pensions relative to drug prices. Regarding the dental care, however, the picture is similar to earlier studies that high out-of-pocket payments cause low-income households to withdraw from the utilization of dental care services.

Outbreak : global health security from the World Health Organization
World Health Organization. Dept. of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response ( 2003 )
Outbreak bulletin
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Africa ( 2015-09 )
Outbreak communication : best practices for communicating with the public during an outbreak : report of the WHO Expert Consultation on Outbreak Communications held in Singapore, 21-23 September 2004
WHO Expert Consultation on Outbreak Communications (2004 : Singapore); World Health Organization. Communicable Diseases Cluster ( 2005 )
Outbreak containment in the Somalia smallpox eradication programme / by A. Deria, Z Jezek and S. Foster
Deria, A; Jezek, Zdenek; Foster, Stanley O; World Health Organization ( 1978 )
Outbreak of pertussis in Basra, Iraq
Al Bargish, K.A. ( 1999 )

A total of 133 pertussis cases were studied during an outbreak in Basra from June to December 1996. Most were females and were immunized. Bordetella spp. was isolated in 48.1% of the cases. The isolation rate was highest among infants and decreased with increasing age, and was highest during the catarrhal stage. B. pertussis was the most common species; however, B. parapertussis infection did occur. There were some severe cases of pertussis among infants caused mainly by B. pertussis and dual Bordetella infection. Infection was transmitted by close contact with a pertussis case

An outbreak of smallpox in a village in Afghanistan / by A.G. Rangaraj
Rangaraj, A. G ( 1969 )
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