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WHO_TRS_240.pdf.jpg1962Principles governing consumer safety in relation to pesticide residues : report of a meeting of a WHO Expert Committee on Pesticide Residues held jointly with the FAO Panel of Experts on the Use of Pesticides in Agriculture [meeting held in Rome from 9 to 16 October 1961]WHO Expert Committee on Pesticide Residues; World Health Organization; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations-
WHA6_TD-Tuberculosis-2_eng.pdf.jpg1953Principles governing measures for the prevention of tuberculosis: report submitted by the Government of the Grand Duchy of LuxembourgWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/Technical Discussions/Tuberculosis/2
EB79_R22_eng.pdf.jpg1987Principles governing relations between the World Health Organization and nongovernmental organizationsExecutive Board, 79EB79.R22
EB13R73_eng.pdf.jpg1954Principles governing the admission of non-governmental organizations into official relations with WHOExecutive Board, 13EB13.R73
EB15R54_eng.pdf.jpg1955Principles governing the admission of non-governmental organizations into official relations with WHOExecutive Board, 15EB15.R54
EB17R64_eng.pdf.jpg1956Principles governing the admission of non-governmental organizations into official relations with WHOExecutive Board, 17EB17.R64
EB13_2_eng.pdf.jpg1953Principles governing the admission of non-governmental organizations into official relations with WHO: amendments proposed by the government of BelgiumExecutive Board, 13EB13/2
EB17_31_eng.pdf.jpg1955Principles governing the admission of non-governmental organizations into relations with WHOExecutive Board, 17EB17/31
WHO_Mal_309.pdf.jpg1961Principles in reporting on surveillance operations / by C. W. GöckelGöckel, C. W; World Health OrganizationWHO/Mal/309
WHO_MONO_41.pdf.jpg1958Principles of administration applied to nursing service / H. A. GoddardGoddard, Henry Alexander; World Health Organization-
9241563117_eng.pdf.jpg2005Principles of characterizing and applying human exposure modelsInternational Programme on Chemical Safety-
WHO_MAL_81.940.pdf.jpg1981Principles of cryopreservation of protozoan parasites and erythrocytes / by J. L. Leef, M. R. Hollingdale, R. L. BeaudoinLeef, J. L; Hollingdale, M. R; Beaudoin, R. L; World Health OrganizationWHO/MAL/81.940
WHSQ_1998_38_n4_355-367_eng-fre.pdf.jpg1985Principles of economic evaluation of health programmes / M. F. Drummond & G. L. StoddartDrummond, Michael F; Stoddart, G. L-
WHO_HRP_IQC_1995.pdf.jpg1995Principles of external quality assessment : a laboratory manual / S. Z. Cekan, S. B. Sufi, and E. W. WilsonCekan, S. Z; Sufi, S. B; Wilson, E. W; WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human ReproductionWHO/HRP/IQC/1995. Unpublished
WHO_PHP_43.pdf.jpg1971Principles of health planning in the USSR / G. A. PopovPopov, Georgij Alekseevic; World Health Organization-
bulletin_1986_64(2)_185-204.pdf.jpg1986Principles of malaria vaccine trials : memorandum from a WHO meeting--
TDR_IMMAL-FIELDMAL_VAC_85.3.pdf.jpg1985Principles of malaria vaccine trials : reportJoint Meeting of the Scientific Working Groups on Immunology of Malaria and on Applied Field Research in Malaria (1985: Geneva); UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases; Scientific Working Group on the Immunology of Malaria; Scientific Working Group on Applied Field Research in MalariaTDR/IMMAL-FIELDMAL/VAC/85.3. Unpublished
dsa23.pdf.jpg1993Principles of management of health laboratoriesWorld Health Organization-
bulletin_1991_69(1)_1-7.pdf.jpg1991Principles of measles control / F. T. Cutts ... [et al.]Cutts, Felicity T; Henderson, Ralph H; Clements, C. John; Chen, Robert T; Patriarca, Peter A-
1987Principles of studies on diseases of suspected chemical etiology and their prevention / published under the joint sponsorship of the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation, and the World Health OrganizationInternational Programme on Chemical Safety; WHO Task Group on Principles of Studies on Diseases of Suspected Chemical Etiology and their Prevention-
Showing results 71909 to 71928 of 127456