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who_em_mnh_181_e_en.pdf.jpg2008Report on the Sixth meeting of the regional advisory panel on impacts of drug abuse-RAPID, Cairo, Egypt, 16-19 October 2007World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/MNH/181/E
IC_Meet_Rep_2013_EN_15227.pdf.jpg2013Report on the Sixth meeting of the scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of the regional WHO/UNEP/GEF project on sustainable alternatives to DDT Khartoum, Sudan, 25–27 June 2013World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/MAL/373/E
WHO_Smallpox_12.pdf.jpg1960Report on the smallpox vaccination campaign carried out during the period Octobre 1950-December 1955 / by Antonio de la Fuente EFuente E., Antonio de la; World Health Organization; Inter-Regional Smallpox Conference (1960 : New Delhi, India)WHO/Smallpox/12
WHO_Mal_54.pdf.jpg1950Report on the species and subspecies of vectors and their bionomics / by Botha de MeillonMeillon, Botha de; WHO Expert Committee on Malaria; WHO Malaria Conference in Equatorial Africa (1950 : Kampala, Uganda)WHO/Mal./54; Afr/Mal/Conf/10
EB8_49_eng.pdf.jpg1951Report on the Standing Committee on Non-Governmental OrganizationsExecutive Board, 8EB8/49
who_em_vbc_107_e_en.pdf.jpg2010Report on the Steering committee meeting for the regional MSC Degree in Medical Entomology and Vector Control, Khartoum, Sudan, 8-10 June 2009World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/VBC/107/E
IC_Meet_Rep_2011_EN_14725.pdf.jpg2011Report on the Strategic consultation for scaling up research for health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region Cairo, Egypt 5–6 June 2011World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/RPC/032/E
EB19_36_eng.pdf.jpg1956Report on the studies on the psychobiological development of the childExecutive Board, 19EB19/36
IC_Meet_Rep_2012_EN_14470.pdf.jpg2012Report on the subregional meeting on dengue fever in the Red Sea rim, Cairo, Egypt, 20–22 July 2011World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CSR/041/E
IC_Meet_Rep_2012_EN_14553.pdf.jpg2012Report on the subregional meeting on syndromic surveillance, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18–20 December 2011World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CSR/045/E
IC_Meet_Rep_2013_14967_EN.pdf.jpg2013Report on the subregional workshop on environmental health in health care facilities with special focus on health care waste, Amman, Jordan, 12–14 June 2012World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CEH/152/E
eaid7.pdf.jpg2000Report on the support provided by PAHO/WHO for the reconstruction and transformation process in Central America following hurricane Mitch: submitted to the World Health Assembly for informationWorld Health Assembly, 53A53/INF.DOC./7
who_em_pol_374_e_en.pdf.jpg2008Report on the technical consultation on polio eradication in Pakistan, Cairo, Egypt, 10 October 2008World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/POL/374/E
IC_Meet_Rep_2012_EN_14753.pdf.jpg2012Report on the technical consultation on scaling up nutrition in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Amman, Jordan, 2–3 November 2011World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/NUT/258/E
who_em_nut_250_e_en.pdf.jpg2008Report on the technical consultation on the fortification of flour with multiple micronutrients, Kuwait, 28-30 May 2008World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/NUT/250/E
WHO_EM_NCD_061_E_en.pdf.jpg2009Report on the technical consultation on the integration of noncommunicable diseases prevention and control in primary health care, Cairo, Egypt, 22-24 July 2008World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/NCD/061/E
who_em_nut_252_e_en.pdf.jpg2010Report on the technical consultation to establish a regional nutrition surveillance system with focus on micronutrient malnutrition, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic 18–21 October 2009World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/NUT/252/E
IC_Meet_Rep_2013_EN_15183.pdf.jpg2013Report on the technical consultation with civil society organizations and networks on ending the HIV treatment crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Beirut, Lebanon, 19–20 August 2013World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/STD/153/E
IC_Meet_Rep_2013_EN_14936.pdf.jpg2013Report on the technical consultative meeting on novel coronavirus, Cairo, Egypt, 14–15 January 2013World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CSR/059/E
WHA17_TD-6_eng.pdf.jpg1964Report on the technical discussions at the seventeenth World Health Assembly on "the influence of community water supply programmes on health and social progress"World Health Assembly, 17A17/Technical Discussions/6; A17/Technical Discussions/6 Rev.1
Showing results 71869 to 71888 of 108629