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Medicine prices : a new approach to measurement
World Health Organization. Dept. of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy; Health Action International ( 2003 )
Medicine prices and access to medicines in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
World Health Organization ( 2007 )
Medicine prices and access to medicines in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
World Health Organization ( 2007 )
Medicine prices, availability, affordability and price components: a synthesis report of medicine price surveys undertaken in selected countries of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region
World Health Organization ( 2008 )

Reliable and sustainable access to esential medicines remains a challenge for about one-third of the world's population. Lack of transparency about the component costs contributing to the price of a medicine at the level where the patient accesses it, including the manufacturer's selling price, the taxes, distributor and retail margins has made it difficult to address this issue. This synthesis report brings together and describes the data from the various surveys conducted in the Region. This report is one of two commissioned by the Regional Office to synthesize the results of existing surveys in the Region and to relate them to existing medicines policies with a view to better understanding the pricing and availability of medicines and the efficacy of policy interventions which are available to governments

Medicines and breastfeeding: assessing the risk of medicines to infants
Khabbal, Y.; Zaoui, S.; Cherrah,Y. ( 2013 )

Milk, in addition to its undeniable nutritional and immunological benefits, is an important element for the development of the infant. Warnings, sometimes exaggerated, may prevent the mother and child from enjoying the benefits of both breastfeeding and appropriate medication. This approach is justified by the total absence of investigations on the excretion of drugs in breast milk during clinical trials. The actual risk was evaluated by several classifications; an estimate of the passage of drugs into milk and estimation of infant exposure to the drug are possible and can provide a reliable indicator to better judge the risk to the infant generally we are faced with two different situations: a new treatment during lactation or maintenance treatment already prescribed during pregnancy. If treatment needs to be prescribed for a long period of breastfeeding, a strategic approach is required

Medicines and the new economic environment / editors: Felix Lobo, German Velasquez
Lobo, Felix; Velásquez, Germán; World Health Organization. Programme on Essential Drugs; Seminar of Social Studies on Health and Medicines (1995 : Madrid, Spain) ( 1998 )
Medicines for tuberculosis
( 2006 )
Medicines in health systems: advancing access, affordability and appropriate use
World Health Organization; Bigdeli, Maryam; Peters, David H; Wagner, Anita K ( 2014 )
Medicines prequalification programme : listed products
( 2008 )
Medicines Regulatory Authorities: Current Status and the way Forward Report of the Regional Director
Regional Committee for Africa, 56 ( 2006 )

The Medicines Regulatory Authority (MRA) is the body in charge of coordinating and overseeing the pharmaceutical sector for the purpose of protecting public health. 2. A study carried out by the WHO Regional Office for Africa in 2004 showed that 90% of MRAs in the African Region lack the capacity to carry out medicines regulatory functions and, therefore, cannot guarantee the quality, efficacy and safety of medicines, including traditional medicine. This situation can have adverse implications for public health protection and promotion. 3. In order to address the situation, Member States should clearly define the mission of MRAs and give them the needed legal authority, appropriate organizational structure and facilities, and adequate and sustainable resources. 4. The Regional Committee is invited to review this document and adopt the recommended actions.

Medicines transparency alliance global meeting 2014: meeting synthesis
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Medicines use in primary care in developing and transitional countries : fact book summarizing results from studies reported between 1990 and 2006
World Health Organization ( 2009 )
Medición de la salud y la discapacidad: manual para el cuestionario de evaluación de la discapacidad de la OMS: WHODAS 2.0
Organización Mundial de la Salud ( 2015 )
Medición de los riesgos del tabaco para la salud : un comentario / A. D. Lopez
Lopez, Alan D ( 1999 )
Medición del cambio del estado nutricional : directrices para evaluar el efecto nutricional de programas de alimentaci'on suplementaria de grupos vulnerables
( 1983 )
Medición del estado nutricional en relación con la mortalidad / Mercedes de Onis
De Onis, Mercedes ( 2001 )
Medición del grado de adaptación de las ciudades a las personas mayores: guía para el uso de los indicadores básicos
Organización Mundial de la Salud ( 2015 )
Medición y notificación del estado de salud de las poblaciones: informe de la Secretaría
Consejo Ejecutivo, 107 ( 2001 )
Medidas adoptadas en relación a los acuerdos internacionales sobre estupefacientes y sustancias sicotrópicas
Consejo Ejecutivo, 73 ( 1984 )
Medidas adoptadas en relación a los acuerdos internacionales sobre estupefacientes y sustancias sicotrópicas: informe del Director General
Consejo Ejecutivo, 75 ( 1984 )
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