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L' Hypertension pulmonaire primitive : rapport d'une réunion de l' OMS, Genève, 15-17 octobre 1973 / rédacteurs, Suichi Hatano et Toma Strasser
Hatano, Shuichi; Strasser, Toma; World Health Organization ( 1975 )
The hypertensive disorders of pregnancy : report of a WHO study group [meeting held in Geneva from 24 to 30 September 1985]
WHO Study Group on the Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy; World Health Organization ( 1987 )

An expert review of available epidemiological and clinical data that can be used to improve the classification, diagnosis, and management of the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. In view of the complexity of these disorders and the frequency of conflicting evidence reported in the literature, the book makes a special effort to clarify controversies and to replace confusion with clear guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. More than 350 studies were critically evaluated. The book opens with a definition and classification of the clinical manifestations of these disorders, including explanations of the diagnostic significance of oedema, weight gain, blood pressure changes, and proteinuria. Other sections cover incidence, predisposing factors, patho-physiology, differential diagnosis, and treatment

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy : report of a WHO/MCH interregional collaborative study
World Health Organization. Programme of Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Unit ( 1991 )
Hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome in Saudi Arabian patients
Al Sughayir, M.A. ( 2007 )

This study investigated whether hypnotherapy provides a significant therapeutic effect in Saudi Arabian patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Patients [n = 26] were consecutively recruited at a psychiatry outpatient clinic after diagnosis by a gastroenterologist and a medical evaluation for irritable bowel syndrome. Each patient had 12 sessions of hypnotherapy over a period of 12 weeks [1 session per week]. Patients completed a scale measuring symptom severity before and 3 months after the trial. Hypnotherapy significantly enhanced a feeling of better quality of life more in male than in female patients, and bowel habit dissatisfaction was reduced more in female than in male patients

Hypoglycaemia of the newborn : a review / A. F. Williams
Williams, A. F ( 1997 )
Hypoglycaemia of the newborn : review of the literature
World Health Organization. Division of Child Health and Development; World Health Organization. Maternal Health and Safe Motherhood Programme ( 1997 )
Hypoglycaemic effect of aqueous extract of the leaves of Trigonella foenum-graecum in healthy volunteers
Abdel Barry, J.A. ( 2000 )

The safety and efficacy of Trigonella foenum-graecum extract was investigated using 20 male volunteers aged 20-30 years. They were randomly treated with either 40 mg/kg aqueous extract powder in 10 mL distilled water or 10 mL distilled water in which coffee simulated the extract. The extract significantly lowered blood glucose level by 13.4% 4 hours after ingestion. A significant change of 14.1% was observed in potassium levels. No significant alteration in serum cholesterol, total serum protein and blood urea occurred. Approximately one-third experienced feelings of hunger, frequency of micturition or dizziness during the 24 hours after ingestion. The aqueous extract effectively reduced blood glucose in normal subjects safely. Its hypokalaemic effect merits further investigation

Hyponatraemia with SSRIs
( 2003 )
Hypothesis: amenorrhea-inducing contraception may reduce HIV acquisition risk
Singata-Madliki, Mandisa; Hofmeyr, G Justus; Lawrie, Theresa A; Temmerman, Marleen ( 2014-09-16 )
Hypothetical performance of syndrome-based management of acute paediatric admissions of children aged more than 60 days in a Kenyan district hospital / Mike English ... [et al.]
English, Mike; Berkley, James; Mwangi, Isiah; Mohammed, Shebbe; Ahmed, Maimuna; Osier, Faith; Muturi, Neema; Ogutu, Bernhards; Marsh, Kevin; Newton, Charles R. J. C ( 2003 )
Hypothyroidism and open-angle glaucoma: an accidental or an essential coexistence?
Tahat, A.A.; Al Khawaldeh, A.M. ( 2000 )

We aimed to test the hypothesis that there is an association between hypothyroidism and primary open-angle glaucoma. A total of 60 patients with acquired hypothyroidism were evaluated by a senior ophthalmologist for evidence of glaucoma. Evaluations were carried out by history, tonometry, funduscopy, gonioscopy and visual field perimetry. Thyroid function tests, and dermatological and neurological examinations were performed. Patients were matched according to age and gender. There were 10 males and 50 females [age range 34-72 years]. We found 3 of the 60 patients had signs of open-angle glaucoma, which indicated a possible relationship between hypothyroidism and open-angle glaucoma. It is worth expanding the study to a larger number of patients

Hypotonic saline in children: fatal hyponatraemia
( 2012 )
Hypovitaminosis A en las Américas: informe de la reunión de un grupo técnico de la OPS
Pan American Health Organization ( 1970 )
World Health Organization ( 1952 )
I am vaccinated are you? vaccination the obvious choice
World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean ( 2012 )
I can do it myself! Tips for people affected by leprosy who want to prevent disability
World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia ( 2007 )

The longer the delay between the appearance of the first symptoms of leprosy and the start of treatment, the more likely it is for nerve damage to occur. For this reason, every effort should be made to inform the public that early diagnosis and treatment of leprosy prevents the occurrence of long-term complications. Prevention of disability (POD) is an important component of 'quality leprosy services' emphasized in the WHO's Global Strategy. There are many ways in which complications of leprosy can be minimized by practising good self-care at home. People need to be informed clearly about the actions they can take at home that are appropriate for their particular situation. The booklet is intended for persons affected by leprosy, their close family members and friends who can help them practice self-care at home. This prototype version has an English text and hand drawn figures to assist in better understanding of the steps for prevention of disabilities. In order to make it useful for those who need it, it is recommended that the book be adopted and translated to suit local conditions. In order to make it useful for those who need it, it is recommended that the book be adapted and translated to suit local conditions.

I pledge to ... use sugar responsibly
World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific ( 2016 )
I vaccinated my child did you? vaccination the obvious choice
World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean ( 2012 )
I vaccinated my child did you? vaccination the obvious choice
World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean ( 2012 )
I was a chain smoker / by Syed Bux
Bux, Syed ( 1988 )
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