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Impact of European Clinical Trials Directive
( 2009 )
Impact of flour fortification with elemental iron on the prevalence of anaemia among preschool children in Morocco
El Hamdouchi, A.; El Kari, K.; Rjimati, L.; El Haloui, N.; El Mzibri, M.; Aguenaou, H.; Mokhtar, N. ( 2010 )

Anaemia is a public health problem in Morocco. To limit this problem, Morocco developed a national programme based on fortification of flour with electrolytic elemental iron. To evaluate the programme's impact on the prevalence of anaemia in children between 2 and 5 years, 4 surveys were conducted, between 2006 and 2008, throughout the country. The results showed a significant improvement in the mean rate of haemoglobin accompanied by a significant decrease in the prevalence of anaemia. This improvement appears to be the result of several mutually reinforcing actions in addition to the fortification of flour with iron, including the promotion of a diversified diet rich in micronutrients and the promotion of public health measures

Impact of four decades of development on nutrition and health status in India / project funded by World Health Organization, Geneva ; prepared by Kalyan Bagchi
Bagchi, Kalyan; World Health Organization. Nutrition Unit; International Conference on Nutrition (1992 : Rome, Italy) ( 1992 )
Impact of glycine-containing ORS solutions on stool output and duration of diarrhoea : a meta-analysis of seven clinical trials / the International Study Group on Improved ORS
( 1991 )
Impact of health education on community knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards solid waste management in Al Ghobeiry, Beirut
Karout, N.; Altuwaijri, S. ( 2012 )

The risks posed by accumulation of solid waste are most obvious in developing countries, where waste collection and treatment is often inadequate. This study aimed to determine the impact of a health education intervention [based on lectures and focus group discussions] on community knowledge, attitudes and behaviours concerning solid waste management in Al Ghobeiry, Beirut. A randomly selected sample of 320 inhabitants were divide into intervention and control groups who completed the same questionnaire in the pre- and post-intervention phases. Compared with the control group the intervention group, who attended the health education sessions, showed: significantly better knowledge about the problems of and diseases spread by accumulation of solid waste; better attitudes to management of solid waste collection; and improved practices in terms of handling and recycling of household waste. There was an observed increased participation by people in cleaning campaigns and voluntary work in all the municipality activities

Impact of health education program on knowledge about AIDS and HIV transmission in students of secondary schools in Buraidah City, Saudi Arabia: an exploratory study
Saleh, M.A.; Al Ghamdi, Y.S.; Al Yahia, O.A.; Shaqran, T.M.; Mosa, A.R. ( 1999 )

Accurate information about acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [AIDS] and human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] is important for their prevention.This study is intended to assess knowledge on AIDS in students of secondary schools in Buraidah City and to measure the effect of a health education program on their knowledge about AIDS in general, modes of HIV transmission and the degree of their misperception about the transmission of the disease through casual contact. A well-designed health education program using personal communication and visual media techniques was conducted for 483 secondary school students in Buraidah secondary schools during the year 1997. Pre- and post-tests were done to examine their knowledge about AIDS.The results of this study pointed out that a health education program on AIDS for students of secondary schools greatly and significantly improved their scores on general knowledge on AIDS views on its transmission and misperception of AIDS [p < 0.01]. Continuous in-ice programs for secondary students are recommended

Impact of height and weight on life span / T. T. Samaras & L. H. Storms
Samaras, T. T; Storms, L. H ( 1992 )
Impact of hurricane Luis on the health services of Antigua and Barbuda / Tony Gibbs & Dana van Alphen
Gibbs, Tony; Alphen, Dana van ( 1996 )
The Impact of implementation of ICH guidelines in non-ICH countries : report of a WHO meeting, Geneva, 13-15 September 2001
World Health Organization. Quality Assurance and Safety of Medicines Team ( 2002 )
The impact of inadequate sanitary conditions on health in developing countries / Sharon R. A. Huttly
Huttly, Sharon R. A ( 1990 )
Impact of infant immunization : Call for research proposals = Impact de la vaccination du nourrisson : Appel aux propositions de recherche
World Health Organization ( 2000 )
Impact of Interleukin-28B gene polymorphism (rs12979860) on Egyptian patients infected with hepatitis C virus genotype-4
Ibrahim, G.H.; Khalil, F.A.; El Abaseri, T.B.; Attia, F.M.; El Serafi, A.T. ( 2013 )

Single nucleotide polymorphisms [SNPs] in the Interleukin [IL]-28B gene, namely rs12979860, could predict response to pegylated interferon-?-ribavirin [PR] therapy in hepatitis C virus genotype 1 [HCV-1]-infected patients. A similar role was investigated in a case-control study conducted on 93 Egyptian patients chronically infected with HCV-4 in comparison to 22 individuals with spontaneous HCV clearance and 70 healthy volunteers. The homozygous C allele genotype [CC] was associated with sustained viral response [SVR] to therapy compared with the homozygous T allele genotype [TT] and the heterozygous genotype [CT]. In the SVR group, the response rate was statistically significantly higher in CC genotypes [58.6%] compared with CT/TT [20.3%]. There was no correlation between SVR patients' genotypes and early response to therapy or HCV baseline viral load. Our findings describe how IL-28B SNP genotyping may guide appropriate selection of HCV-4-infected patients for PR therapy. We underscore IL28B genotyping as a tool that might increase PR cost-benefit in Egypt

Impact of Intervention Measures on DF/DHF Cases and Aedes aegypti Indices in Delhi, India: An Update, 2001.
Katyal, Rakesh; Kumar, Kaushal; Gill, Kuldip Singh; Sharma, R S ( 2003-12 )
Impact of intestinal parasites on haematological parameters of sickle-cell anaemia patients in Nigeria
Ahmed, S.G.; Uraka, J. ( 2011 )

The majority of patients with sickle-cell anaemia live in the underdeveloped nations where endemic parasitic diseases are prevalent and this may exacerbate the severity of steady-state anaemia in infected patients. We studied the impact of intestinal parasites on haematological parameters of sickle-cell anaemia patients aged 18-35 years in Kano, Nigeria. Of 100 patients studied, 27 were found to be infected with intestinal parasites. There were no significant differences between patients with and without parasitic infections with respect to leukocyte and platelet counts. However, patients without parasitic infections had a significantly higher mean haematocrit than patients with parasitic infections [0.27 L/L [SD 0.03] versus 0.23 [SD 0.03] L/L]. Anaemia in sickle-cell anaemia patients may be exacerbated by intestinal parasites, and these patients should have regular stool examinations for detection and treatment of parasitic infections in order to improve their haematocrit and avoid the risk of blood transfusion

Impact of large-scale rectal artesunate deployment in the emergency anagement of malaria : Invitation for statements of interest to participate in a collaborative multicountry study = Impact du déploiement de l’artésunate rectal à grande échelle dans la prise en charge d’urgence du paludisme : Invitation à la présentation de lettres déclarant un intérêt à participer à une étude collective multipays
World Health Organization ( 2002 )
Impact of leprosy on the quality of life / Geetha A. Joseph and P. S. S. Sundar Rao
Joseph, Geetha A; Sundar Rao, P. S. S ( 1999 )
Impact of measles control activities in the WHO African Region, 1999-2005 = Impact des activités de lutte antirougeoleuse dans la Région africaine de l'OMS, 1999-2005
World Health Organization ( 2006 )
Impact of measles vaccination on childhood mortality in rural Bangladesh / M. A. Koenig ... [et al.]
Koenig, M. A; Khan, Mushtaq Ahmed; Wojtyniak, B; Clemens, John D; Chakraborty, Jyotsnamoy; Fauveau, Vincent; Phillips, J. F; Akbar, J; Barua, U. S ( 1990 )
Impact of mutual health insurance on access to health care and financial risk protection in Rwanda
World Health Organization ( 2010 )
Impact of nutrition education and mega-dose vitamin A supplementation on the health of children in Nepal / C. R. Pant ... [et al.]
Pant, C. R; Pokharel, G. P; Curtale, F; Pokharel, R. P; Grosse, R. N; Lepkowski, J; Muhilal; Bannister, M; Gorstein, J; Pak-Gorstein, S; Atmarita; Tilden, R. L ( 1996 )
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