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WHO_MAL_73.pdf.jpg1951Report on the ninth International Congress in Entomology / by Rajindar PalPal, Rajindar; WHO Expert Committee on Malaria; International Congress in Entomology. (9th : 1951 : Amsterdam, Netherlands)WHO/Mal/73; WHO/Insecticides/15
who_em_std_131_e_en.pdf.jpg2010Report on the Ninth meeting of the HIV/AIDS and STD Regional Advisory Group, Alexandria, Egypt, 16 November 2008World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/STD/131/E
1993Report on the ninth meeting of the Regional Director with WHO representatives and regional office staff, Alexandria, Egypt, 13-17 September 1992World Health OrganizationEM/WR/9-E/R
who_em_pol_395_e_en.pdf.jpg2011Report on the ninth meeting of the regional technical advisory group on poliomyelitis eradication, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, 22–23 June 2011World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/POL/395/E
who_em_ctd_060_e_en.pdf.jpg2010Report on the Ninth Regional Programme Review Group-RPRG Meeting on Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination, Cairo, Egypt, 17-18 March 2010World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CTD/060/E
em_rc9_14_en.pdf.jpg1959Report on the ninth session of the Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean, Alexandria, Egypt, 14-19 September 1959World Health OrganizationEM/RC9/14
EM_RC53_9_en.pdf.jpg2006Report on the outcome of the joint government/WHO Programme review and planning missions in 2005, including the utilization of country cooperation strategiesWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC53/9; Agenda item 11
EM_RC55_9_fr.pdf.jpg2008Report on the outcome of the Joint Government/WHO programme review and planning missions in 2007, including utilization of country cooperation strategiesWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC55/9; Agenda item 10 [b]
IC_Meet_Rep_2011_EN_14522.pdf.jpg2011Report on the palliative care training workshop, Cairo, Egypt, 17–20 October 2010World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/NCD/066/E
EB9_83_eng.pdf.jpg1952Report on the part played by WHO in the UN Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance for Economic DevelopmentExecutive Board, 9EB9/83; EB9/83 Corr.1
WHA5_35_eng.pdf.jpg1952Report on the part played by WHO in the UN Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance for Economic Development up to the end of 1951 and summary information on first quarter of 1952World Health Assembly, 5A5/35; A5/35 Corr.1
SE_WP_72.18.pdf.jpg1972A report on the present smallpox status in Bhutan / by P.W. SamdupSamdup, P. W; World Health Organization; WHO Inter-Country Seminar on Surveillance in Smallpox Eradication (1972 : New Delhi, India)SE/WP/72.18
B132_43-en.pdf.jpg2013Report on the Programme, Budget and Administration Committee of the Executive BoardExecutive Board, 132EB132/43
who_em_ctd_059_e_en.pdf.jpg2010Report on the Programme managers meeting on leishmaniasis control, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, 27-29 October 2009World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CTD/059/E
intercountry_meeting_ctd_063_14367.pdf.jpg2011Report on the programme managers meeting on leprosy elimination Beirut, Lebanon, 15–16 December 2010World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CTD/063/E
who_em_ctd_056_e_en.pdf.jpg2010Report on the programme managers' meeting on leprosy elimination, Cairo, Egypt, 15-16 July 2009World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CTD/056/E
intercountry_meeting_ctd_062_14278.pdf.jpg2011Report on the programme managers' review meeting on cutaneous leishmaniasis control in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Marrakech, Morocco, 18–21 September 2010World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CTD/062/E
em_rc40_r11_en.pdf.jpg1993Report on the progress of WHO-sponsored research activities in the EMRWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC40/R.11
EB17_83_eng.pdf.jpg1956Report on the proposed programme and budget estimates for 1957Executive Board, 17EB17/83; EB17/83 Corr.1
EB19_74_eng.pdf.jpg1957Report on the proposed programme and budget estimates for 1958Executive Board, 19EB19/74; EB19/74 Corr.1
Showing results 68526 to 68545 of 103565