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La menace des médicaments ne répondant pas aux normes / Jiben Roy
Roy, Jiben ( 1994 )
The menace of high blood pressure / Thomas Strasser
Strasser, Thomas ( 1992 )
The menace of substandard drugs / Jiben Roy
Roy, Jiben ( 1994 )
MENAHRA – The Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association best practices in strengthening civil society’s role in delivering harm reduction services
World Health Organization ( 2012 )

The Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA) provides a framework for reaching out to civil society organizations, strengthening their active role in harm reduction, particularly reducing HIV risk for injecting drug users, and for engaging with policy-makers to reduce obstacles to the acceptability of harm reduction. Guided by a vision combining public health and human rights, MENAHRA has become an umbrella for the empowerment of civil society organizations in the Region. This document is intended to share the best practices and the lessons that were learned during the establishment and development of MENAHRA

Menarcheal age of mothers and daughters: Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study
Tehrani, F.R.; Mirmiran, P.; Zahedi Asl, S.; Nakhoda, K.; Azizi, F. ( 2010 )

There is some evidence for a decreasing age of menarche in many populations. This study examined the secular trend of age at menarche among Iranian women. Age at menarche based on recall information was recorded for 770 pairs of mother and daughters. Between 1930 and 1990 mean menarcheal age of this cohort of women decreased from 13.88 to 12.98 years [-0.15 years per decade] and mean height of the cohort increased from 152.33 to 158.43 cm [+0.99 cm per decade]. There was a significant correlation between menarcheal age of mothers and their daughters [r = 0.27]. Year of birth, mother's menarcheal age and daughter's height were significant predictors of daughter's menarcheal age

Mener des actions de prevention aupres des populations stigmatisees au Maroc: l'experience de l'association de lutte contre le sida
World Health Organization ( 2011 )
Mener une réflexion audacieuse : discussion / Jeffrey Sachs
Sachs, Jeffrey ( 2002 )
Meningitis associated with measles-mumps-rubella vaccines
( 1992 )
Meningitis B vaccine approved for neisseria meningitidis
( 2012 )
Meningitis in Africa
( 1996 )
Meningitis in Africa : epidemic situation, January - March 1997
( 1997 )
Meningitis in Chad
( 1998 )
Meningitis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (ex-Zaire)
( 1997 )
Meningitis in the WHO African region : update, January-April 1997
( 1997 )
Meningitis in western Africa
( 1997 )
Meningitis in western Africa
( 1997 )
Meningitis outbreak
( 1997 )
Meningitis outbreak response in sub-Saharan Africa: WHO guideline
World Health Organization ( 2014 )
Meningitis stockpile in Africa
( 2002 )
Meningococcal carrier rate before and after hajj pilgrimage: effect of single dose ciprofloxacin on carriage
Alborzi, A.; Oskoee, S.; Pourabbas, B.; Alborzi, S.; Astaneh, B.; Gooya, M.M.; Kaviani, M.J. ( 2008 )

We determined the carriage rate of Neisseria meningitidis before and after hajj pilgrimage among a group [1] of 674 randomly selected Iranian pilgrims, and the effect of 500 mg of ciprofloxacin given 24 hours before return on the reduction of meningococcal carriers among another group [2] of 123 randomly selected Iranian pilgrims. Throat specimens taken 1 hour before departure on the hajj and immediately on return were cultured. Carriage rates of N. meningitidis in group 1 were 5.2% before and 4.6% after pilgrimage [P = 0.65]; 3 new serogroups [Z, Z' and A] were identified on return. In group 2, the carriage rate decreased from 8.1% to zero before and after pilgrimage

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