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Human development and the legacy of women
Vogel, Joanna ( 2007 )
Human development index adjusted for environmental indicators: case study in one Egyptian village
Gamal El Din, MM. ( 2005 )

The Egypt Human Development Report 2003 does not take account of the impact of the environment on human development indicators. A case study was made in one village in El-Montaza district, Alexandria governorate, Egypt. The environmental indicators used for calculating the human development index were access to safe water, access to sanitation and environment surrounding the house. The human development index for this village decreased from 0.622 to 0.595 after adjustment for environmental factors

World Health Organization ( 1972 )
Human echinococcosis in Bulgaria : a comparative epidemiological analysis / T. Todorov and V. Boeva
Todorov, T; Boeva, V ( 1999 )
Human ecology / by Leon Eisenberg and Norman Sartorius
Eisenberg, Leon; Sartorius, Norman ( 1990 )
Human environment
World Health Assembly, 23 ( 1970 )
Human environment: resolution proposed by the delegations of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
World Health Assembly, 23 ( 1970 )
Human experimentation and medical ethics : proceedings of the XVth CIOMS Round Table Conference, Manila, 13-16 September 1981 / edited by Z. Bankowski and N. Howard-Jones
CIOMS Round Table Conference (15th: 1981: Manila, Philippines); Bankowski, Zbigniew; Howard-Jones, Norman; Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences; World Health Organization ( 1982 )
Human exposure assessment
MacIntosh, D. L; Spengler, John D; World Health Organization; International Programme on Chemical Safety ( 2000 )
Human exposure assessment: an introduction
Järup, Lars; Elinder, C. G; Berglund, Marika; World Health Organization ( 2001 )
Human exposure to carbon monoxide and suspended particulate matter in Beijing, People's Republic of China
World Health Organization. Prevention of Environmental Pollution Unit; Global Environment Monitoring System ( 1985 )
Human exposure to lead : report of the Human Exposure Assessment Location (HEAL) Programme Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 16-19 November 1992
Human Exposure Assessment Location Programme. Meeting (1992 : Bangkok, Thailand); World Health Organization. Office of Global and Integrated Environmental Health ( 1995 )
Human exposure to pollutants : report on the pilot phase of the Human Exposure Assessment Locations Programme / prepared by W. P. Williams
Williams, W. P; World Health Organization. Prevention of Environmental Pollution Unit; Global Environment Monitoring System; United Nations Environment Programme ( 1992 )
Human factors in emerging infectious diseases
Halstead, Scott B. ( 1996 )

When the underlying causes and mechanisms of emerging infectious disease problems are studied carefully, human behaviour is often involved. Even more often, the only methods of control or prevention available are to change human behaviour. Several major recent emerging disease problems can be cited. It is sometimes emphasized that it is human carelessness, human excesses, human ignorance or human habits of conquest or leisure which contribute directly to the biological niches that microorganisms are all too capable of exploiting. We must look at ourselves as the engines of microbial opportunism. It is not likely that we will ever conquer the microbial world; we must look instead to control the human factors that contribute to emergence

Human fascioliasis in some countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Farag, Hoda F. ( 1998 )
Human follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) for immunoassay: progress report
World Health Organization. Biologicals Unit; WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (1984 : Geneva, Switzerland) ( 1984 )
Human genetics and public health : second report of the WHO Expert Committee on Human Genetics [meeting held in Geneva from 10 to 16 December 1963]
WHO Expert Committee on Human Genetics; World Health Organization ( 1964 )
The human genome diversity project : report of WHO temporary adviser / by E. K. Ginter
Ginter, E. K; World Health Organization. Hereditary Diseases Programme; Human Genome Diversity Project Workshop. (2nd : 1992 : Pennsylvania State University) ( 1992 )
Human health and climate change in Pacific Island countries
World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific ( 2015 )
Human health and dams : the World Health Organization's submission to the World Commission on Dams (WCD)
World Health Organization. Water, Sanitation and Health Team; World Commission on Dams ( 2000 )
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